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Efficiency of varieties of spring barley at cultivation on a different backgrounds of mineral nutrition in the conditions of the central soil-and-climatic zone of the Republic of Mari El

Pages: 13-17.

Maksimov V., Zolotareva R., Ivanova L., Vinogradov G.


Maximum grain yield (average for 3 years) at background without input of mineral fertilizers was obtained in spring barley Elf (3.32 t/ha), Vladimir (3.46 t/ha), Sonet (3.27 t/ha), Kalita (3.28 t/ha), Belgorodsky 100 (3.41 t/ha), 373-05 (3.20 t/ha), 126-04 (3.31 t/ha), and L-19.10 (3.37 t/ha). At background N60P60K60  standard variety Rodnik Prikamia didn't exceed any of varieties.  At increase in nitrogen nutrition up to 90 kg of active matter with joint application of P60K60 the highest productivity  was ensured varieties Elf and Belgorodsky 100 with a productivity of 3.99 t/ha, Vladimir (4.34 t/ha), Kalita (4.16 t/ha), 373-05 (4.08 t/ha), 126-04 (4.16 t/ha), and L-19.10 (4.34 t/ha). It is established that the content of crude protein in grains has changed at dependence of the cultivated variety and used level of mineral nutrition. On the natural background of soil fertility content of crude protein in almost all varieties was higher than in standard Rodnik Prikamia (12.26 %) except varieties Despina (11.99%), Belgorodsky (12.22%), and 126-04 (12.27%).The input of mineral fertilizers in the dose N60P60K60 is accompanied by increase in crude protein content in grain. Significant increase of this trait was observed in varieties Elf (13.80%), 507-03 (12.98%), 126-04 (14.25%), L-18.10 (14.04%), L-19.10 and Despina (14.12%). Further increase of nitrogen fertilizer to 90 kg of acting matter with a joint application of P60K60 secured maximum crude protein content in grain in varieties Elf (15.18%), Despina (15.13%), 126-04 (15.66%), L-19.10 (15.56%), 43-05 (14.90%), 373-05 and Kalita (14.82%), 507-03 (14.80%), L-18.10 (14.71%), and Veresk (14.57%).

Keywords: яровой ячмень, удобрение, адаптация, продуктивность, сорт, урожай