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Energy assessment of technological process of sugar beet harvesting

Pages: 62-65.

Dentsov M., Gorbunov B.


In the context of Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization question of energy intensity began to be one of the main criteria of competitiveness of their products. This is particularly associated with such energy-intensive crops as sugar beet. Traffic work, which accounts for more than half of all expenses can be distinguished of the entire production line of sugar beet cultivation. Operational-technological and energy estimation of  process of sugar beet harvesting was held in order to reduce energy and man-made costs in the cultivation of sugar beet in the Nizhny Novgorod region and the main conclusions were made: 1. At harvesting- loading work with yields 33-27 t/ha and daily rainfall of 0-5 mm set needs energy costs equal to 4452 MJ/h. 2. The limits of variation of coefficient of production conditions for low - (Kpc = 0.49) and high - (Kpc = 0.71) levels of machine exploitation. 3. Allowable level of precipitation is set at using of machines consist not more than 5 mm per day. 4. It is revealed that an increase in the duration of harvesting specific direct energy costs are reduced; with the increase in biological yields of sugar beet specific overall energy costs are reduced too.

Keywords: beet wheel, beet harvester, sugar beet, operational and technological assessment, energy costs