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Farmacoprevention of postnatal disease in sows

Pages: 39-43.

Filatov A., Sapozhnikov A.


Among the diseases recorded in the early post-natal period, the most important are: acute post-natal endometritis and metritis-mastitis-agalactia syndrome which are accompanied by the reduction or stopping of colostrums (milk) secretion, high sick rate and the death of new-born young, temporary or constant sterility, and short time of the economic use of  uterine live-stock. Effective way of prevention of postpartum diseases in sows is a comprehensive application of preparation "placenta denaturated emulgated" (PDE) for 10-14 days before farrowing intramuscularly and the input of Biogel-10 after birth, intrauterine. Pharmacological prevention of postpartum endometritis and MMA syndrome was higher in comparison with other groups by 3.3-15% that has allowed almost completely prevent complications in the early postnatal period. Safety of piglets in the postnatal period in this group of sows was 93.4%, which is higher on 6.0-14.2% in comparison with other groups of animals.

Keywords: sows, prevention, post-natal endometritis, syndrome metritis-mastitis-agalactia, biogel 10, placenta denaturated emulgated