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New adaptive varieties of covered oats

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2014.41.4.04-08.

Pages: 4-8.

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Batalova G., Tuljakova М., Permjakova S., Rusakova I.


For obtaining of high stable productivity under industrial conditions a breeding activity must be directed on forming of productive plant stands owing to increasing of photosynthesis efficiency as well as creating of genotypes adaptive to local specific ecological factors. New covered mid-early oats varieties Krechet, Avatar, and Sapsan, middle maturing varieties Gunter, Eclipse, Bucephal, and Medved'  were bred for grain and high-quality fodder. Varieties Eclipse, Sapsan, Medved', and Krechet are tolerant to acidity of sod-podzolic soils, and the last one – to soil drought that provides stable yield of 4.5-5.5 t/ha under condition of agrarian industry. The highest productivity (up to 11.2 t/ha) and large-size grain (39 g) has oat Gunter. Varieties Medved' and Sapsan have large-size grain (100 grain mass 38.5-41.9 g) with high volume weight (575-593 g/l). Oat productivity is determined with number of grain and grain mass per panicle both in favorable (r = 0.84) and stressful conditions (r = 0.92); in less degree - with 1000 grain mass, plant height, length of panicle, leaf area per plant, leaf area of flag and second leaves.

Keywords: covered oats, variety, breeding, grain quality, productivity, dry matter yield