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New potato variety Golubka

Pages: 18-21.

Serqeeva Z., Sintsova N., Lyskova I.


Characteristics of mid-early potato variety Golubka (Aralia x 282-97) which combines high productivity (up to 43.5 t/ha) with resistance to viruses, common pathotype of cancer, golden potato nematode, common scab is presented in the article. Tubers of new potato variety are suitable for industrial processing; they are orbicular-oval shape, surface eyes; the dry matter content of 21.7-23.5%, of protein up to 2.9%, the average content of starch 13.9 to 15.9%. Taste qualities are 3.6-4.0 points; pulp of cooked tuber is white loose. The variety is suitable for cultivation in all types of soils. By results of ecological testing in 2012-2013 the variety Golubka exceeded the standard Nevsky on yield on average by 1.2...3.9 t/ha.In 2013 variety Golubka is passed to the State variety trial.

Keywords: potato, variety, productivity, disease resistance, dry matter content