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Organizational-economic mechanism and typical models of creation and development of small innovative enterprises

doi: 10.30766/2072-9081.2014.41.4.71-77.

Pages: 71-77.

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Kostenko O.


Innovative entrepreneurship for higher education is one of the tools of innovative development. Organizational-economic mechanism (OEM) of small innovative enterprises (SIE) is a special case of the OEM enterprise. Participants of SIE are national government, the founders of the university (research institution), university or research institution, business partners, and SIE management. The methods and instruments of influence are government regulation, administrative and economical management methods. System communications are external and internal. Internal communications are administrative subordination or cooperation. OEM environment is presented with four levels of management: management of innovative development of Russian economics, management of innovative infrastructure of Russia as a part of the national innovation system, SIE portfolio management at university level and management to small innovative enterprise. The article describes the characteristics of OEM of SIE. Models of SIE are classified by the following characteristics: the characteristics of partners, industry specifics, the initiator of SIE creation, the use of government innovation support programs. There were allocated the most viable four models of SIE.

Keywords: small innovative enterprises, organizational and economic mechanism, typical models of successful development