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Prophylaxis of obstetrical pathologies in cows

Pages: 44-47.

Yashin I., Kosorlukova Z., Zotkin G., Blokhin P.


Aim of a given investigations was to study the prophylactic effectiveness of simultaneous application of organic acid composition and vitamin-mineral preparations at obstetrical pathologies in cows. The experiments were carried out in the Veterinary Research Institute (Nizhny Novgorod) in a basic dairy cattle farm of the Nizhny Novgorod region on two groups of pregnant cows 30-35 days before calving. We used our composed remedy BIO-FAYAL containing fumaric, ascorbic, siccine and citric acids taken in the optimal ratio and commercial preparations Ironcomplex and Tetrahydrovit. The cows of the experimental group (n = 18) were treated as follow: BIO-FaYAL in a dose 20-25 mg/kg 10-12 days before and 10-12 days after parturition per os in the combination with thrice repeated intramuscular injections of Ironcomplex in a dose 0.2 ml/10 kg 30 and 15 days before parturition and at parturition and intramuscular injections of Tetrahydrovit in a dose 10 ml per head 30 days before parturition and at parturition. The control animals (n = 18) were intact. Blood samples were taken from cows before beginning of the experiment and 10-14 days after parturition and were analyzed for following indicators: content of total protein, cholesterol, vitamin A, Fe and Cu, serum lysozyme activity, immunoglobulin A level. Obstetrical pathologies were diagnosed in 77.1% of all cows. Sixty percent of calved cows recovered from various forms of endometritis; in 16.6% cases endometritis occurred at the background of retained placenta and disturbances of subinvolution processes in uterus. Combined application of composed remedy BIO-FAYAL and Ironcomplex and Tetrahydrovit had a positive impact on immunobiochemical homeostasis in cows in the early puerperal period and contributed to decrease of morbidity. Prophylactic effectiveness made 77.8% and was by 55.6% higher compared with the control.

Keywords: cows, obstetrical pathologies, prophylaxis, biochemical blood indices, Bio-FAYAL, ironcomplex, tetrahydrovit