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Prospects of development of technologies of cleaning and processing of flax

Pages: 66-70.

Pashin E.Baranov А.


In order to justify a low-cost technology of harvesting and processing of flax fiber for the same type of fiber analysis of domestic and foreign counterparts is done. Solutions of producing of a fibrous product in the field are identified. However, they are based on the use of self-propelled machinery which does not ensure its rational use. In contrast to known analogs the use of technical equipment trailer like a chassis with installed removable platform is suggested. Modules for mechanical processing of flax stems trusts locates on the platform. With their use the stems are selected from the field, exposed fracture with subsequent isolation of the fiber. Chassis mounted with a universal means of traction. This increases the efficiency of the use of the traction means and chassis. When using the proposed solution it is possible to flax production in two stages: during harvesting trusts from the field and after its completion - in the autumn-winter period. At both stages the final product is the same type flax fiber, which is the raw material for the textile industry. In the first step the fiber is obtained directly in the field with further harvesting as rolls. In the second step a removable platform with modules for the processing permanently installed indoors. Such platforms may be several. Their collaboration will allow processing of flax stock rolls harvested in areas of seasonal storage. Subsequent processing of the fibers can be, for example, by using of carding technology. Application of the new proposed technology at using in the early stages of combine uprooting and combing flax stalks during their early yellow ripeness can provide reducing of labor costs by 20-30% compared with flax used in the processes.

Keywords: flax trust, harvest, production of fiber, tow, removable appliances