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Working out of the combined soil-cultivating unit and estimation of efficiency of its use

Pages: 57-61.

Dyomshin S., Cheremisinov D., Kozlova L., Popov F., Noskova E.


Results of researches on definition of rational parameters of design-technological scheme of the soil-cultivating unit for the basic mold processing of soil and results of its use at cultivation of agricultural crops are presented.

During experimental researches it is revealed that the technological scheme of the tool at which the disk section influences the layer of soil descending with flat hoe, provides high quality of mold processing of soil with creation of mulching layer on a surface. Thus the variant of placing of disk section on the minimum distance from flat hoe is most preferable to compactness of the unit at which the best indicators of soil crumbling provides by application of disk section of flat-spherical smooth disks Ø450 mm as working organs. Field tests have shown that the unit carries out of mold soil processing steadily according to agrotechnical requirements, maintains working width of capture and adjusting depth of processing. It is not revealed refusals following the results of tests.

The tendency of increase in productivity of a winter rye on 0.18 t/ha, witch-oats mixes - on 0.26 t/ha at simultaneous decrease in power expenses for 32,6% in comparison with the control (ploughing) is observed at soil processing by the combined unit. Thus agrophysical indicators of soil fertility remain on an optimum level for sod-podzolic middle loamy soils.

Keywords: soil, mold processing, disking, packing, ploughing, the soil-cultivating unit, flat hoe, disk sections, indicators of quality of soil processing, productivity