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№ 5 (42) - 2014

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Plant Growing

Amunova O.S., Lisitsyn E.M..
Comparative aluminum-resistance of soft spring wheat varieties bred in Siberia and European part of Russia (pp. 4-9)

Sintsova N.F., Sergeeva Z.F..
The initial material for selection of high-starch potato varieties in the Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 9-12)

Ivenin V.V., Ivenin A.V., Bannikov V.M..
Influence of elements of technology on productivity and power efficiency of cultivation of potato (pp. 13-16)

Solovykh N.V., Budagovsky A.V., Yankovskaya M.B..
The influence of led and laser radiation on the growth and propagation of berry cultures in vitro on the example of black raspberry and actinidia kolomikta (pp. 16-21)

Fodder Production

Kosolapova V.G., Osipyan B.A..
Ways of ensiling of festulolium and corns (pp. 22-27)

Agriculture, Agrochemistry, Amelioration

Kovalev N.G., Zinkovskaya T.S., Zinkovsky V.N., Sorokina V.A., Polozova V.G..
Quality of multi-purpose compost and methods of its regulation (pp. 28-32)

Kozlova L.M., Denisova A.V..
Catch crops in field crop rotations of Kirov region (pp. 33-37)

Varlamova L.D., Nefed'eva V.V..
Changing of the fractional composition of phosphates at long-term application of fertilizers (pp. 38-42)

Korchenkina N.A., Dabakhova E.V..
Change of the phosphate condition of the soil under action of afteralcohol bards (pp. 42-45)


Vel'matov A.P., Gur'yanov A.M., Vel'matov A.A., Neyaskin N.N., Tishkina T.N..
The effectiveness of use of red-and-white Holstein bulls of European selection at breeding of Volga-type red-and-white cattle (pp. 52-58)

Kaneva L.A., Zharikov Ya.A., Matyukov V.S..
Zootechnical characteristics of Pechora meat-wool semi-fine-fleece wool sheep (pp. 58-63)
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Veterinary Medicine

Shupletsova N.N., Konopeltsev I.G., Blednikh L.V..
The influence of celenoline, cedimin and eleovite on reproductive ability and level of endogenic intoxication at heifers (pp. 46-51)


Sysuev V.A., Savinykh P.A., Kazakov V.A..
Researches of constructive-technological parameters and operating modes of the device for grain input in forage's crusher (pp. 64-68)

Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Lazykin V.A..
Research of the dividing chamber of the fractional pneumoseparator at clearing of seeds of fodder grasses (pp. 69-74)

Serbin V.I..
Theoretical substantion of dynamics of the wheel dibber (pp. 75-78)