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Influence of elements of technology on productivity and power efficiency of cultivation of potato

Pages: 13-16.

Ivenin V., Ivenin А., Bannikov V.


Various elements of technology (width of a row-spacing, a way of pre-sowing processing of soil, an irrigation) of potato cultivation in the Non-Chernozem zone on leached chernozems and their influence on growth and development, marketability and power efficiency of cultivation of potato varieties Udacha, Kolette, and Alvara are studied. Elements of technology of potato cultivation have not affected essentially on change of density of shoots and field germination rate of potato. Under the influence of an irrigation the number of stalks in a bush increased on the average by 8-12 % from each hectare. At irrigation the number of tubers in a bush has increased slightly - to 7.6-8.4 pieces, the weight of tubers has increased by 69 % (125-168), the number of commodity tubers with weight of 130-149 g has made 6.8-7.9 pieces. Marketability has increased on 51%.

The greatest power factor is received at use of ridge-making mills, width of row-spacing of 90 sm and at irrigation in variety Alvara – 1.43, the least in variety Udacha – 1.28 and Kolette – 1.29, without an irrigation accordingly 1.02, 0.89, and 0.96.

Keywords: potato, variety, width of a row-spacing, irrigation, growth, development, marketability, power factor