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The influence of led and laser radiation on the growth and propagation of berry cultures in vitro on the example of black raspberry and actinidia kolomikta

Pages: 16-21.

Solovykh N., Budagovsky A., Yankovskaya M.


The article presents results of research on effect of the additional laser and led lighting on the growth and propagation of berry cultures in vitro. The relevance of the work due to the need of improving of methods of clonal micropropagation of plants and the creation of energy-saving technologies of their cultivation.

The aim of this work was to study the effects of additional red light on the growth and reproduction of plants cultivated in vitro at different levels of basic polychromatic light. Microshoots of black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis L.) and Actinidia kolomikta (Actinidia kolomikta Maxim.) cultivated under basic illumination 1250 and 2500 Lux, were subjected to an additional daily lighting with led-emitting diodes (5 W/m2, 60 minutes) or helium-neon laser (15 W/m2, 8 minutes)) with wavelengths that cause the transition of phytochromes in active conformation state (638 nm, 632,8 nm).

In low-light conditions (1250 Lux) the decrease of growth and propagation of black raspberry compared with those with illumination 2500 lux was noted. For Actinidia kolomikta illumination suite 1250 lux proved to be optimal. Supplementary lighting of light-emitting diodes (LED) and laser increased the propagation and the length of shoots of berry plants in vitro. The greatest stimulating effect of red lighting is marked in a low base light (1250 Lux).  In black raspberry laser or  LED supplementary lighting allowed in low light (1250 Lux) to get the coefficient of multiplication and length of microshoots, not statistically different from those in full light (2500 Lux) without supplementary lighting. Laser irradiation stimulated the growth and propagation of plants more effectively than LED, probably because of greater coherence.

Keywords: berry plants, clonal micropropagation in vitro, photoregulatory stimulation, system of phytochromes, black raspberry, actinidia kolomikta