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The initial material for selection of high-starch potato varieties in the Volga-Vyatka region

Pages: 9-12.

Sintsova N., Serqeeva Z


High starch potato varieties: the Effect, Nakra, Lazar, Elles, Bryansk delicacy, Baron, Jantar, Naiad, Spiridon, Asaja, Dunajec, Golubisna, Vytek, Zdabutok, Djuravinca, Suzorye, Arcadia, Zarevo, Adretta, Volovetsky, Babye leto, Mustang, Albatros, Thomana, and interspecific hybrids: 236-91, 161-94, 169-94, 47-3-33, 93-5-30, A6-2405-2 are selected. The factors limiting content of starch in tubers of a potato in the conditions of Volga-Vyatka region are established: the insufficient sum of effective temperatures, defeat by illnesses - blight, viruses, early blight, and scab. The interrelation between precocity and the starch content in contrast weather conditions is studied: in the rehumidified year negative correlation between precocity and the starch content in tubers r =-0.32 at the expense of  destruction of a tops of vegetable of early varieties by blight is established, and in droughty years such correlation it is not revealed. The interrelation between the content of starch and efficiency elements is specified; dependence between the raised content of starch and small-size tubers is shown at late varieties, and at earlier varieties such dependence is not present. At selection on the high content of starch in the conditions of Volga-Vyatka region it is necessary to select middle-ripening potato varieties, which are able to accumulate high crop of tubers and starch up to harvest in September.

Keywords: potato, variety, starch, productivity, correlation dependence