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Theoretical substantion of dynamics of the wheel dibber

Pages: 75-78.

Serbin V.

Государственный аграрный университет Молдовы, г. Кишинев, Республика Молдова


Theoretical bases of dynamics of sowing section of wheel type are stated in article. The factors influencing uniformity of a course of wheel dibber are revealed. Two qualitatively various dynamic schemes of rolling friction of wheel dibber are possible: the first - only one of all dibbers established on a wheel contacted with soil, the second when not less than two dibbers take part in contact simultaneously. Thus applied advantage belongs to the second scheme. The mathematical models received with analytical methods expressing dependence of sliding of a wheel on technological and efficiency factors of investigated object, including, in particular, axial loading, wheel radius, parameter of dibber and speed of movement.

Keywords: wheel dibber, axial loading on a wheel, length of dibber, peak sliding, optimum loading, soil reaction, angular acceleration of a wheel, uniformity of rotation of a wheel, background resistance to rolling friction