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Deep processing of rye grain

Pages: 9-12.

Andreev N.R., corresponding member of RAS, DSc, Director,
Lukin N.D., DSc, the deputy director on scientific work,
Papahin A.A., postgraduate student


All-Russian Research Institute of Starch products


All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Starch products have carried research works for deep processing of some rye cultivars breed by North-East Agricultural Research Institute, the aim was to extract starch then to hydrolyze it into starch sweeteners. There was established that rye starch is good substitute for corn starch used for production of sweeteners such as glucose, maltose, glucose-fructose syrup and crystallized glucose. Rye has the largest starch grains among all cereals, which is especially important in technological processes such as sedimentation and extraction of starch. It is noted that extraction of starch from rye flour is more complicated because of high viscosity caused by formation of protein-pentosanes complexes; therefore they must be destroyed and extracted before extraction of starch. The paper presented results of extraction of protein-carbohydrate concentrate by treatment of rye flour with cellulolytic and proteolytic enzymes. The content of protein in protein-carbohydrate concentrate was 25-32% that has good balance of irreplaceable amino acids. There was given technological flowchart of rye syrup production, which is not crystallized at storage and contains microelements and biologically active components in quantity corresponding to its content in fruits and vegetables. The development of technology of protein products with desired content and functional features is one of priority direction to enhance production of qualified food protein from plant raw materials.

Keywords: rye grain, starch, syrup, enzyme, protein concentrate