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Improvement of management of investment activity of the enterprises at reproduction of fixed assets

Pages: 74-80.

Romanov А.A.postgraduate student

«Nizhniy Novgorod State Agricultural Academy», N. Novgorod, Russia


Increase of efficiency of investment activity of the agricultural enterprises has to be carried out systemically at the expense of factors of the state and private mechanism of its regulation. In the course of improvement of legal support of the regional mechanism of regulation of investment activity in the Nizhny Novgorod Region simplification of procedure of recognition of priority of investment projects in agriculture with simultaneous observance of target requirements to quality of management of investment activity at the enterprise is necessary to reduce possible risks. Within research of reserves of growth of the specified quality questioning of heads of the agricultural organizations of the Nizhny Novgorod Region is carried out. As show results of questioning, such level of financing at which the enterprises could make fast updating of the fixed assets for ensuring competitiveness in the conditions of the WTO is required. Thus replacement of worn-out equipment and the equipment still is the most actual purpose of investment activity, and level of planning of the last is low. Disregarding opinions of workers directly occupied on production, heads before adoption of the final administrative decision often take key part and in the feasibility study on investment projects that demands very high professional standard in the matter. There is a question of need of involvement of investment managers in the rank of the deputy head for the purpose of the organization of the current execution of the investment plan. Also increase of level of competence of heads in questions of investment activity is possible at regular visit by responsible managers of the dialogue platforms devoted to investment in innovative development of agricultural production. Additional requirements to investment projects of the agricultural organizations which performance has to promote recognition their priority for receiving measures of the state support are defined.

Keywords: survey, agriculture, investment activity, investment management, efficiency