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Use of UV-spectrophotometry for the quantitative determination of furazolidone in uterine contents of cows

Pages: 45-49.

Blednikh L.V., PhD, Senior teacher

Vyatka State Agricultural Academy, Kirov, Russia


The object of our research - a new medicinal form - the antiseptic sponge with furazolidone. It was administered once intrauterine in cows for the prophylaxis of the postnatal endometritis after spontaneous or surgical separation of placenta. Antiseptic sponge is a dry porous mass of yellow in the form of plates in the size 30 x 10 x 2 cm. As the basis it contains food gelatin. Furazolidone is used as antimicrobial component in the manufacture of sponges. Sensitivity of microorganisms allocated from the exudate of patient cows with acute endometritis was pre-determined: hemolytic E.coliStaphylococcus aureusProteus vulgaris, and hemolytic Diplo - and Streptococcus spp. The aim of the research is to establish the antiseptic sponge's prolonged effect using the method of UV-spectrophotometry. Samples of lochia were taking from the cervical canal within 14 days after the introduction of the sponge. a quantitative analysis of furazolidone was conducted in samples eith spectrophotometric method. Bactericidal concentrations of antiseptics was kept for 7 days. It was from 134.3 to 125.4 mcg/ml. Lower concentrations were observed from 8 to 10 day from 26.4 to 3.4 mcg/ml. On the 11-th day furazolidone is not detected in the samples. In parallel in another group of cows experience using furazolidone suppositories was conducted. They were introduced once intrauterine immediately after separation of the placenta as a preventive measure. The concentration of nitrofuran 4 hours after the drug introducing was 121.2 mcg/ml. Оn the second day it fell to 53.4 mcg/ml, on the third day - to 28.7 mcg/ml. On the fourth day furazolidone was not detected in the samples. The antiseptic sponge compared to furazolidone suppositories has a prolonged effect and provides a rational approach in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases in the uterus cows.

Keywords: antiseptic sponge, spectrophotometry, quantitative analysis, prolonged action