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Change in productivity of spring wheat and content of nutritional elements of dark grey forest soil at using of different forms of fertilizers

Pages: 41-46.

Platonycheva Yu.N., PhD, associate professor,
Polyakova N.V., DSc, professor, dean,
Volodina E.N., PhD, associate professor

Nizhny Novgorod State Agricultural Academy, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


Influence of preparations Micromac and Baikal used separately and in combination with mineral fertilizers on the yield of spring wheat variety Kurskaya 2038 and the content of mobile forms of phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in dark-grey forest soil were studied. Studies were conducted in long-term field experiment on the territory of economy Pushkinskoye, Bolsheboldinsk district, Nizhny Novgorod region. Preparations for presowing inoculation of seeds were used in doses: Baikal - 0.5 l/t, Micromac - 2 l/t in the device for seed treatment. The article presents the results for 2007-2011, i.e. research were conducted in various weather conditions, including abnormally hot and dry growth period in 2010. Fertilizers studied in the experiment significantly influenced the parameter of field germination whose values have increased on average by 12.6-21.5 % relative to the control, significantly varying across years of the study; greatest increase was found in variant Baikal + NPK. The studies revealed the effect of different combinations of fertilizers on the productivity of spring wheat. On average for five years the yield increase was 0.31-0.85 t/ha (or 10-36% respectively) depending on their combination. The maximum gain were obtained at joint use of growth stimulators and fertilizers; in variant Micromac + NPK addition yield was 0.76 t/ha (31.9 %), Baikal + NPK – 0.64 t/ha (26.9%). The content of mobile phosphorus and potassium increased relative to controls only in variants with full complex of mineral fertilizers: P2O5 from 200 to 224, K2O from 172 to 199 mg/kg of soil. Changes in trace element composition of soils were not identified. To improve soil fertility and increase yields of spring wheat it is recommended the combined use of growth stimulants with mineral fertilizer in dose N70P50K50 or triple combination of Micromac, Baikal and mineral complex.

Keywords: Micromaс, Baikal, mineral fertilizers, spring wheat, dark gray forest soil, nutritional elements


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