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Features of formation of hunting farms' infrastructure

Pages: 66-72.

Minkov S.I., PhD, head of department,
Chashchukhin V.A., DSc, leading researcher,
Tetera V.A., reseacher,
Tselishcheva M.B., engineer-game manager

B.M. Zhitkov All-Russian Institute of Game and Fur Farming, Kirov, Russia


New law on hunting and conservation of hunting resources enacted in Russia in 2009. As a result thousands of game farms were created. Government agencies, public and industrial organizations, individual entrepreneurs are designated in the category of hunting users. Area of hunting farms varies from a few thousand hectares to several million hectares. Legislation provide for the establishment of infrastructure in hunting area. Its main elements are buildings and structures that provide opportunities to residence of hunters in hunting areas, improving habitat conditions of hunting animals and efficient shooting of animals and birds. The existence and structure of such infrastructure in hunting farms in different regions vary. Most usual are hunting base, facilities for feeding of game animals, and shooting towers. Aviaries for wild animals are built in some farms. About 2.5 thousand hunting farms announced in the media to provide bases for hunters and anglers. 100 to 200 hectares of fields for feeding animals and birds are sown annually in modern hunting economies. Number of feeding platforms usually is more than 1 per 1000 hectares of hunting areas; number of facilities for the mineral feeding varies between 0.8-1.5 per 1000 hectares of hunting areas. Number of shooting towers can be more than 2 per 1000 hectares of hunting areas. However, the prevailing number of game farms did not reach such results in the arrangement of hunting holding. Modern features of formation of the infrastructure of hunting farms are largely determined by funding opportunities and services of hunting destination. Infrastructure elements should be fully reflected in the accounting documents for conducting hunting registry, as well as the positioning of farms in the media in order to increase the volume of services to the hunting destination.

Keywords: hunting holding, infrastructure


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