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Agriculture, agrochemistry, land improvement

№ 1 (20)

Kamin'skiy Ya., Maletska A..
Application of mineral fertilizers in Poland and its influence on the environment

Mikhaylova L.A., Aleshin M.A..
Effect of potassium fertilizers on feeding value of spring grain crops

Zubarev Yu.N., Fomin D.S..
Influence of the basic processing of soil and заделки straw in soil on productivity and its structure in a link «a winter rye-barley-oats» in Predyralie

№ 2 (21)

Pasynkova E.N., Zavalin A.A., Makarova Ya.V., Pasynkov A.V..
Effectiveness of mixed sowings of spring cereals and legume crops on North-East of Non-Chernozem Region of European Russia

Kosolapova А.I., Mikhaylova L.A., Aleshin M.A..
Use of withdrawal of the processing enterprise «AVISMA» for fertilizing of corn cultivated for green forage

Almetov N.S., Goryachkin N.V., Nazmiev Kh.Z..
Influence of means of chemicalization on productivity and quality of grain of spring wheat

№ 3 (22)

Makarova T.S..
Productivity of winter rye and efficiency of elements of crop rotation оn sod-podzolic soil under conditions of Kirov area

Popova S.I., Nevolina K.N..
Efficiency of use of mineral fertilizers on winter grain crops in Predural

Balandina S.A..
Dynamics of formation of above-ground mass and nitrogen content of oats plants by growth stages

№ 4 (23)

Orlov P.V., Guvennov A.I., Golovnov A.M..
Influence of fertilization on change of acidity of light-gray forest soil at long-term aftereffect of liming

Kuz'minykh A.N..
Features of formation the winter rye productivity on the complete and green-manure fallows

Apaeva N.N., Yamalieva A.M., Martynova G.P., Egoshin S.V..
nfluence of technological methods of barley cultivation on defeat by illnesses and productivity

Abashev V.D..
Influence of a relief on redistribution of precipitations, levels of underground waters and drainage effluent

№ 5 (24)

Lyskova I.V., Makarova Ya.V..
Efficiency of action and aftereffect of phosphoric fertilizers on sod-podzolic loamy soil under different acidity degree

Prokina L.N..
Рroductivity of the spring wheat in dependence on lime, micro- and macrofertilizers in the field crop rotation with legume and cereal grasses

Rabinovich G.Yu., Smirnova Yu.D..
Estimation of efficiency of influence of new liquid-phase biosubstance for growth of plants of spring wheat and some soils parameters

№ 6 (25)

Fedorov G.Yu..
Resource-saving methods of processing of sod-podzolic soil under conditions of the Kostroma region

Terekhov M.B., Serazhetdinov I.V..
The water-consuming coefficients of winter triticale depending on varietal peculiarities and level of scheduled yield

№ 1 (26)

Khaptukhaeva N.N..
Assessment of the intensity of erosion and accumulation processes in small rivers of south of East Siberia

№ 2 (27)

Shikhova L.N., Zubkova O.A..
Modification of mobile manganese content in the podzolic soils during growth season

Russkikh E.A..
Dynamics of content of mobile Pb in podzol soils having different levels of anthropogenic load

Noskova E.N., Kozlova L.M..
Influence of interaction of ways of pre-sowing processing of soil, of bio-preparation Baikal EM1 and of micro-fertilizer Aquadon-Micro on phytosanitary condition of spring wheat crops and its productivity

Pegova N.A..
Influence of organic fertilizer and soil tillage in crop rotation on the structure-formation and water-durability of aggregate of arable sod-podzolic soil

№ 3 (28)

Abashev V.D., Noskova E.N., Popov F.A..
System of processing of sod-podzolic soils in crop rotation

Erofeev A.A., Makarenkina A.G., Latyshova I.A., Kargin V.I..
The influence of mineral fertilizers and biological preparations on winter crops productivity

Zubarev Yu.N., Yudin V.S., Kholzakov V.M..
Effectiveness of influence of tank mixture of herbicide and urea on grain yield of spring wheat in PredUral

Almetov N.S., Yunusov G.S., Akhmadeeva M.M., Goryachkin N.V., Nazmiev Kh.Z..
Influence of predecessors and mineral fertilizers on productivity, quality, and economy efficiency of cultivation of spring wheat under conditions of Republic of Mary El

Ivanov D.A., Tyulin V.A., Karaseva O.V., Rublyuk M.V., Mukhina I.A..
Influence of agrolandscape conditions on efficiency of old-age cereal-bean herbages

Platonycheva Yu.N., Polyakova N.V., Berchyk A.V..
Change of processes of a mineralization and humification at transformation of gray wood soils

Zamyatin S.A., Izmest'ev V.M..
The field crop rotations and toxicity of the soil
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№ 4 (29)

Polyakova N.V., Narchev M.A., Platonycheva Yu.N..
Change of biological parametres and components of organic matter of dark grey wood soil under influence of green manure crops

Vinogradova V.S., Luchnik N.A., Khitrova V.I..
The influence of the non-root cultivation of crops with humus fertilizers and urea on spring wheat's yield and its quality

Belyaeva R.A., Kozlova Yu.A..
Impact of macro- and micronutrient fertilizers on the productivity of the floodplain of the river Pechora

Prokina L.N..
Efficiency of macrо- and microfertilizers on a winter wheat

№ 5 (30)

Piskunova H.A., Fedorova A.V., Ershova T.S..
Influence of aftereffect of green manure predecessors, mineral fertilizers and humate "Plodorodie" on a crop and grain quality of spring wheat under conditions of the Kostroma region

Lednev A.V., Lozhkin A.V..
Influence of anthropogenic impact on properties of soils of the residential suburb of Izhevsk

Kuz'minykh A.N..
The influence of type of fallows on the soil microbiological activity

№ 6 (31)

Kosolapova А.I., Yamaltdinova V.R..
Influence of systems of fertilizer on agro-chemical parameters of sod-podzolic soil and accumulation of heavy metals

Orlov P.V., Korchenkina N.A., Nefed'eva V.V..
Influence of soil liming backgrounds on phosphate fractions of long-term fertilized gray wood soil

Sosnina I.D., Fomin D.S..
Influence of anthropogenic factors on bio-power efficiency of crop rotations

№ 1 (32)

Paschkova G.I..
The effect of nitrogen fertilizing on the activity of glutamine synthetase, the ammonia content in plants, yield and the quality of gains of spring wheat

№ 2 (33)

Zavyalova N.E., Kazakova I.V..
Agrochemical characteristics of the Urals’ sod-podzolic soil under natural grass-forb meadow

Smirnova A.V..
Impact of anthropogenous factors on the change of structure of organic substance of the peat and developed soils

Abashev V.D..
Dynamics of reserves of productive moisture in drained sod-podzolic gley sandy loam soil under timothy crops

№ 3 (34)

Zamyatin S.A., Izmest'ev V.M..
The influence of field crop rotations on the balance of nitrogen in the soil

Dzjuin G.P., Dzyuin A.G..
The effectiveness of joint and separate application of micro-fertilizers, sulfur, and magnesium in the crop rotation

№ 4 (35)

Kovalev N.G., Zinkovskaya T.S., Zinkovsky V.N..
About biological intensification of agriculture on the drained soils of the Non-Chernozem Zone of Russia

Platonycheva Yu.N., Polyakova N.V., Berchyk A.V., Bogomolova Yu.A..
Effect of the method of plowing of long-fallow land on mobility of organic matter of light gray forest soil

№ 5 (36)

Mitrofanov Yu.I..
Winter rye on the drained grounds of Verhnevolzhje

Kosolapova А.I..
Soil treatment impact on agro-physical parameters of podzolic chernozem and productivity of cultures of field crop rotation

Vasbieva M.T., Zinoviev D.S..
The effectiveness of application of sewage sludge on sod-podzolic soil of PredUrals

Ulanov A.N., Ulanov N.A..
Ways of management of peatlands' soil fertility and productivity of forage crops

№ 6 (37)

Zubkova O.A., Shikhova L.N..
Modification of a content of mobile iron in the podzolic and sod-podzolic soils during growth season

№ 1 (38)

Lozhkin A.V., Lednev A.V..
Influence of ameliorants and fertilizers on productivity of the agricultural crops growing on soils, polluted by heavy metals (pp. 30-35)

Rybachuk O.V., Derjabina Yu.M., Sartakov M.P., Komissarov I.D..
Comparative characteristics of element composition of humic and hymatomelanic acids of peats of Middle Ob region (pp. 36-40)

Russkikh E.A..
Dynamics of content of mobile cd in podzol soils having different levels of anthropogenic loading (pp. 41-44)

№ 2 (39)

Zavyalova N.E..
Effect of mineral fertilizers and liming on fractional group composition and optical characteristics of humic acids of sod-podzolic heavy loamy soils of Pred-Urals (pp. 25-30)

Kozlova L.M..
Working out of field crop rotations at various levels of intensification of agriculture in Kirov region (pp. 30-34)

Kuz'minykh A.N..
The formation of winter rye yield depending on fallow type (pp. 34-38)

№ 3 (40)

Chebotaryov N.T., Yudin A.A..
Influence of complex use of fertilizers on fertility and efficiency of the sod-podzolic soil (pp. 31-35)
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№ 4 (41)

Abashev V.D., Svetlakova E.V., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Denisova A.V..
Influence of increasing rates and ratio of mineral fertilizers on winter rye yield and seed quality (pp. 26-30)

№ 5 (42)

Kovalev N.G., Zinkovskaya T.S., Zinkovsky V.N., Sorokina V.A., Polozova V.G..
Quality of multi-purpose compost and methods of its regulation (pp. 28-32)

Kozlova L.M., Denisova A.V..
Catch crops in field crop rotations of Kirov region (pp. 33-37)

Varlamova L.D., Nefed'eva V.V..
Changing of the fractional composition of phosphates at long-term application of fertilizers (pp. 38-42)

Korchenkina N.A., Dabakhova E.V..
Change of the phosphate condition of the soil under action of afteralcohol bards (pp. 42-45)

№ 6 (43)

Kovalev N.G..
Main directions of agricultural use adaptive intensification of drained lands in Humid area Russian (pp. 25-32)

Vladykina N.I..
The activity of cellulolitic microorganisms in sod-podzolic soil in crop rotation (pp. 32-37)

Zamyatin S.A., Apaeva N.N..
The biological activity and toxicity of soil, the defeat of grain crops by root rot in different crop rotations (pp. 37-44)
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№1 (44)

Pegova N.A., Kholzakov V.M..
Resource-saving tillage system of sod-podzolic soils (pp. 35-40)

Platonycheva Yu.N., Polyakova N.V., Volodina E.N..
Change in productivity of spring wheat and content of nutritional elements of dark grey forest soil at using of different forms of fertilizers (pp. 41-46)

Zubkova O.A..
Modification of acid-soluble manganese content in the podzolic soils (pp. 46-52)

Ivenin V.V., Ivenin A.V., Bogomolov V.N..
Influence of systems of processing of light grey wood soil on productivity of potato in the conditions of Nizhniy Novgorod region (pp. 53-59)

№2 (45)

Lyskova I.V., Rylova O.N., Veselkova N.A., Lyskova T.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers and lime on agrochemical parameters and phosphorus regimes of medium-loamy sod-podzolic soil (pp. 27-32)
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Makhalov R.M., Guvennov A.I..
Influence of aftereffect of different doses of liming and long-term application of mineral fertilizers on agrochemical properties of light-grey forest soil and yield of bird's foot trefoil (pp. 32-37)

Abashev V.D., Svetlakova E.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on productivity of grain-fallow-grass crop (pp. 37-43)

Ivenin V.V., Ivenin A.V., Novosadov A.A..
Productivity of potato at adaptation of the Dutch technology of cultivation on light grey forest soils of Nizhniy Novgorod region depending on processing systems (pp. 43-49)

Syubaeva A.О., Titova V.I..
The influence of joint application of mineral fertilizers and biofertilizer Azofobacterin-AF on yield, taste quality and content of the macronutrients in the green crops (pp. 50-55)

№3 (46)

Komarova N.А..
The efficiency of use of green manure in the Nizhny Novgorod region (pp. 43-49)

№4 (47)

Zavyalova N.E., Storozheva A.N..
Agrochemical properties of sod-podzolic soil and productivity of field crops at entering of increasing doses of complete mineral fertilizer (pp. 35-41)

Khvostov E.N., Artem'ev A.A., Prokina L.N..
The influence of tilling on parameters of soil fertility and productivity of unit of field crop rotation (pp. 41-46)

Zinkovskaya T.S., Kovalev N.G..
Potato productivity and balance of nutrients at fertilizing and irrigation of drained sod-podzolic soil (pp. 47-50)

Artem'ev A.A..
Efficiency of a crop rotation and change of soil fertility depending on doses and ratios of mineral fertilizers (pp. 51-55)

Ulanov N.A..
Effectiveness of regulation of water regime of depleted peatlands by lockingof channels (pp. 56-61)

Yulushev I.G., Baramzina O.V., Ovechkin P.G., Mitin V.V., Sofronov E.A..
Soil-agrochemical basis of adaptive-landscape farming systems In Vyatka-Kama agricultural province (VKAP) (pp. 62-69)

№5 (48)

Lednev A.V., Dmitriev A.V..
Changes of agrophysical parameters of agrarian sod-podzolic soils on the transit direction of the fallow lands at different terms of its overgrowing (pp. 57-62)

Vladykina N.I..
Influence of a fallow type on change of agrochemical parameters of soil fertility and productivity of crop rotation in the long experience (pp. 62-67)

№6 (49)

Dzyuin A.G., Dzjuin G.P..
Aftereffect of green manure and straw in crop rotation (pp. 38-42)

Chebotaryov N.T., Yudin A.A..
Influence of organic and mineral fertilizers on properties and efficiency of sod-podsolic soil in the conditions of the Republic Komi (pp. 43-46)
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Kozlova L.M., Rubtsova N.E., Soboleva N.N..
Transformation of organic matter of sod-podzolic soils in Euro-North-East (pp. 47-53)

Olenin O.A..
Biologization of cultivation technology of spring wheat on common chernozem in forest-steppe of Zavolzh'e (pp. 54-59)

№1 (50)

Abashev V.D., Svetlakova E.V., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Denisova A.V..
Influence of increasing doses and ratios of mineral fertilizers on productivity and quality of barley grain (pp. 24-30)

Ryabova O.V..
On a problem of development of microbiological agents (fungicides and fertilizers) for conditions of the Northeast of the European part of the Russian Federation (pp. 31-40)

Sabitov M.M..
The effectiveness of technologies of winter wheat cultivation at different levels of intensification (pp. 41-46)

№2 (51)

Vladykina N.I..
Small and combined tillage in crop rotation with different types of fallow (pp. 34-40)

Shikhova L.N., Gonina E.S., Ulanov A.N..
Content of biogenic elements (zinc and copper) in soil component of bo biogeocenoses (on example of peatbog Zenginsky in Kirov region) (pp. 41-47)

№3 (52)

Ovsyannikova G.V., Yankowskiy N.G., Krivosheeva E.D..
The role of pure and occupied fallows in increasing of winter wheat productivity and conservation of soil fertility (pp. 27-32)

Zinkovskaya T.S., Kovalev N.G., Zinkovsky V.N..
Productivity and water use of flax at different moisturing of drained soil (pp. 32-37)

№4 (53)

Prokina L.N., Pugaev S.V..
Action of macro- and micronutrients on the background of liming in grain-grass-tilled crop rotation with alfalfa and rump (pp. 38-43)

Effect of biological preparations and mineral fertilizers on productivity of natural grasslands of the Sysola river floodplain (pp. 44-48)
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№5 (54)

Pegova N.A..
Influence of fallow and tillage types on the indicators of fertility and productivity of winter rye in the long-term experience (pp. 42-48)

Zharova T.F..
The influence of crop rotation on soil fertility and yield of spring wheat in forest-steppe zone of the Tuva Republic (pp. 48-52)

Chebotaryov N.T., Yudin A.A., Oblizov A.V..
Influence of fertilizers on contents, fractional structure and balance of humus in sod-podsolic soil of the North (pp. 52-55)
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Kozlova L.M., Rubtsova N.E., Soboleva N.N..
Experience of design and approaches to improving adaptive farming systems on the landscape basis in the Central zone of the North-Eastern region of the European part of Russian Federation (pp. 56-62)

№6 (55)

Alabushev A.V., Sukharev A.A., Popov A.S., Kambulov S.I., Yankowskiy N.G., Ovsyannikova G.V..
Minimization of tillage for row crops and their productivity (pp. 30-33)

Kononov O.D., Popov A.I., Uvarov S.A..
Overgrowing of disturbed reindeer pastures in the Nenets autonomous region on the example of the quarry of mineral soil (pp. 34-37)

Izmest'ev V.M., Svechnikov A.K., Sokolova E.A..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on fertility of sod-podzolic soils in fodder crop rotations (pp. 37-41)
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№1 (56)

Abashev V.D..
Water regime of drying sod-podzolic gleyey sandy soil (pp. 35-40)

Kuznetsov D.A., Prokina L.N., Ibragimova G.N., Kalinina A.D..
Influence of chelate microfertilizers (microfit) application on the yield of early ripening group potato varieties on background of high doses of mineral fertilizers (pp. 40-47)

Lednev A.V., Skvortsova I.A..
Effects of oil pollution on microbial communities peat soil middle Preduralie (pp. 47-53)

Mitrofanov Yu.I..
Dynamics of some criteria of soil fertility in a non-balanced agriculture (pp. 53-59)

Zavyalova N.E..
The agrochemical profile of sod-podzoil heavy loam soil in a long stationary experiment (pp. 59-65)

№2 (57)

Lednev A.V., Dmitriev A.V..
Influence of overgrowing terms and soil type on agrophysical indicators of different soil types located on the accumulative direction of the matter-energy flow (pp. 28-34)

Abashev V.D., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Zhuk S.N..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on productivity and grain quality in spring wheat Svecha (pp. 35-40)

Korchenkina N.A., Dabakhova E.V., Titova V.I..
Phosphatic condition of the light gray forest soil at introduction of the increasing doses of afteralcohol grains (pp. 40-45)

№3 (58)

Kozlova L.M., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Ivanov V.L..
Improved resource-saving technology of soil cultivation and use of bio-preparations for spring cereals crops under conditions of central zone of North-East of European part of Russia (pp. 43-48)

№4 (59)

Chebotaryov N.T..
Efficiency of complex application of fertilizers in fodder crop rotation on sod-podzolic soil in the conditions of middle taiga zone of the Euro-North-East (pp. 33-38)
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Pugaev S.V., Chegodaeva N.D..
The influence of windbreak on the content of heavy metals in soil of windbreak and adja-cent fields (pp. 39-43)

№5 (60)

Bulatova N.V., Regorchuk N.V..
Fertility of sod-podzolic soils and productivity of perennial grasses in long-term use of mineral fertilizers at the background of liming (pp. 28-33)
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Kozlova L.M., Denisova A.V., Lyskova I.V., Zhuk S.N..
Evaluation of technological and bakery properties of winter rye in dependence on predecessor in adaptive-landscape crop farming (pp. 33-39)

№6 (61)

Mitrofanov Yu.I., Gulyaev M.V., Kukharina V.N., Lukyanov S.A..
Influence of precursors and methods of basic processing on productivity of grain-bearing crops on drainage lands (pp. 25-30)

Simonova О.А., Cheglakova O.A..
Influence of fertilizers on content and dynamics of mobile forms of cupper and zink in sod-podzolic soil (pp. 30-34)

Lyskova I.V..
Influence of mineral fertilizers on fertility of sod-podzolic soil, productivity and quality of grain crops (pp. 35-40)

№1 (62)

Ramazanova R.Kh., Tursinbaeva A.E., Kekilbaeva G.R., Matina A.E., Kasipkhan A..
The effect of nitrogen fertilizers on productivity of spring triticale in the dry steppe zone of Kazakhstan
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Abashev V.D., Popov F.A., Noskova E.N., Zhuk S.N..
The effect of mineral fertilizers on productivity and grain quality of naked oat of Persheron variety
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Dzyuin A.G..
Effect of straw on the number of microorganisms and biological activity of soil in crop rotation
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№2 (63)

Komarova N.А..
The importance of various fallows for changing the density of light-gray forest soil and yield productivity of plants in crop rotation
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Popov F.A., Kozlova L.M., Noskova E.N..
Improving of oat cultivation technology under conditions of Kirov region
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Svechnikov A.K., Izmest'ev V.M., Sokolova E.A..
Productivity of fodder crop rotations depending on the nitrogen fertilizers
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Gamzatova H.M..
Characterization of the microbocenosis in mountain soils of Dido-depression in the Republic of Dagestan
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№3 (64)

Bogomolova Yu.A., Sakov A.P., Ivenin A.V..
Effect of soil treatment and fertilizers on changes in agrophysical properties of soil and soybean yield in the link of cereal crop rotation
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Petrova L.I., Kotov D.N., Mitrofanov Yu.I., Pervushina N.K..
Effect of drainage and application of mineral fertilizers on the yield of spring wheat
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№4 (65)

Zavyalova N.E., Fomin D.S., Teterlev I.S..
Fractional and group humus composition of the sod-podzolic soils under different land use
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Antonov V.G., Ermolaev A.P..
The efficiency of continuous application of minimum soil tillage methods in crop rotations
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№5 (66)

Gur'yanov A.M., Artem'ev A.A..
Estimation of agrocoenosis for weediness and efficiency of differentiated use of herbicides in crop rotation
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Bogomolova Yu.A., Sakov A.P., Ivenin A.V..
Effect of Soil Tillage Systems and Fertilizers on Agrophysical Properties of Soil and the Yield of Spring Wheat in the Volga-Vyatka Regi
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Zamyatin S.A., Efimova A.Yu., Maksutkin S.A..
Weeds in field crop rotations
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№6 (67)

Lednev A.V., Dmitriev A.V., Pegova N.A., Popov D.A..
The influence of the initial amelioration degree on the agrophysical indices of long-fallow sod-podzolic soils
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Artem'ev A.A., Gur'yanov A.M..
The effect of mineral fertilizer use technology on crop rotation weediness
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Khvostov E.N., Prokina L.N..
The effect of primary and preliminary methods of soil treatments and fertilizers on the productivity of field crop rotation link
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