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Mechanization, electrification, automation

№ 1 (20)

Loparev A.F., Sudnitsyn V.I., Komkin A.S., Faskhutdinov M.Kh..
The forming of drive power in propulsive agent with top drive track, three beam suspension two fastened support-adjuster rollers and weight tension of all track of three-cornered contour

Sysuev V.A., Isupov A.Yu..
The Study worker process load scraper transporter for division and peelings from admixtures of the corn material

№ 2 (21)

Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L..
Definition of optimum amplitude and oscillation frequency of sieve boot of the machine of preliminary grain clearing МП3-50
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Galkin V.D., Grubov K.A..
Parameters and modes of action of improved gravity separator for seeds

Venglinckiy A.M., Shmakov V.A., Faskhutdinov M.Kh..
Relationship of slipping of drive wheels of the tractor with the action of its engine in agricultural technology unit

№ 3 (22)

Baranov N.F., Zykin A.A..
Study and optimization of working action of hammer crusher for rough forages

Novozhilov A.I., Vazhenin A.N., Lukashin E.A..
Features of intensive methods of seasonal use of technological complexes in plant growing

Shirokov G.V., Sozontov A.V..
Improving the quality of sowing seeds of crop improvement by milling skid sod seeders

Yakovets A.V., Shumakov V.V..
Physical and mechanical properties of seeds of tilled crops

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Ostal'tsev V.P..
Models of soil deformation at estimation of interaction of tractor's movers with soil

№ 4 (23)

Zholobov L.A., Dydykin A.M., Suvorov E.A..
Change of toxicity of the fulfilled gases of petrol internal-combustion engine depending on parameter "time-section of gas-distributing mechanism"

№ 5 (24)

Ushakov Yu.A..
Numerical modeling of a hydrodynamic stream in a dairy line of the milking machine

Savinykh P.A., Fedorov O.S., Ivanov A.G..
The theoretical substantiation of parameters of cylindrical parts of sieve of separating cone of grain crusher

№ 6 (25)

Denisyuk E.A., Nosova I.A..
Estimation of optimum constructional-and-technological parameters of the cavitation heat generator at regeneration of brine after salting of cheese

Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Buldakov D.S..
The analysis of process of moving of components of a grain material under action of a lateral air stream in the reception chamber of grain-cleaning machines

№ 1 (26)

Yakovets A.V., Shumakov V.V..
Improving the uniformity of the distribution of seeds of cultivated crops

Yunusov G.S., Mayorov A.V., Popov I.I., Kropotov Yu.A..
The machines for superficial processing of soil under sowing of agricultural crops

Obolenskiy N.V., Kraynov Yu.E..
Improving of vortical (hydro-dynamical) source of heat

Savinykh P.A., Fedorov O.S., Ivanov A.G..
Research of movement of the crushed particle of a grain in a conic part of separating sieve of "Cyclone - separator" of a grain crusher

№ 2 (27)

Obolenskiy N.V., Danilov D.Yu..
Unit for research of process of drying of grain

Uglanov M.B., Ivankina O.P., Pashukov S.A., Voronkin N.M., Chkhetiani A.A..
Field tests of experimental potato harvesting digger with self-vibrating shares

Kraynov Yu.E., Vandysheva M.S..
A new technology for receiving of biogas for farm economies

Results of researches of unit for division of manure into fractions at its removal from cattle-breeding apartments

№ 3 (28)

Aleshkin V.R., Shulyat'ev V.N..
A simplex-sieve planning in researches of the dairy pump of a universal purpose

Alekseev V.V., Maksimov I.I., Maksimov V.I., Syakaev I.V..
Energy estimation of mechanical impact on the soil by tillage machines and tools

№ 4 (29)

Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Buldakov D.S..
Research of efficiency of functioning of pneumatic system of the machine of preliminary clearing of a grain MPZ-50
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Demshin S.L., Cheremisinov D.A..
Definition of optimum parametres of ploughshares of the unit for cultivation and sowing

Fedyuk V.V., Triandafilov A.F..
The determination of the optimal constructive-technological parameters of the perforation node at pre-planting treatment of potato by EG-turf

№ 5 (30)

Anan'ev V.S..
Analysis of factors affecting the energy consumption of process of grinding of root

Shamin A.E., Krasikov S.B., Mironov E.B..
Ridgening of the inductor and the central channel is the way of decreasing of hydraulic resistance to course of water in the induction heater of liquid environments

№ 6 (31)

Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Lazykin V.A..
Substantiation of the basic constructive parameters of dust collector of universal separator of seed
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Gaaze Z.V..
Production of biogas at low temperatures

№ 1 (32)

Savinykh P.A., Bulatov S.Yu., Nechaev V.N..
Research of working process of a hammer crusher of grain with a rotor-fan

Cheremisinov D.A., Noskova E.N., Demshin S.L., Kozlova L.M..
The estimation of efficiency of use of the combined unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and crop

Shamin A.E., Krasikov S.B., Mironov E.B..
Theoretical background of parameters of ridgering of the induction source of heat

Yunusov G.S., Kislitsyna N.A..
The investigation of pulsating processing on division of the heterogeneous food medium

№ 2 (33)

Sysuev V.A., Isupov A.Yu..
Usage of theory of similarity and dimension for studying of technological line for cleaning and crushing of forage grain

Andreev V.L., Kozlova L.M., Demshin S.L., Popov F.A..
Modernizing of plough for mold soil treatment and its use at spring wheat cultivation

№ 3 (34)

Burkov A.I., Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu..
Results of researches of the device for extraction and scarification of seeds from clover wad
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Mokhnatkin V.G., Filinkov A.S., Solonschikov P.N..
The results of research of device for mixing of loose components with liquid

№ 5 (36)

Sysuev V.A., Maksimov I.I., Maksimov V.I., Alekseev V.V..
Small rivers catchments areas as anthropogenic agro-landscapes object (on example of Civil river)

Lushnov M.A..
The construction of a classification scheme and analysis of devices for heat treatment of semi-fluid feeding mixtures

№ 6 (37)

Burkov A.I., Glushkov A.L., Lazykin V.A..
Influence of position of rotary valve on the working process of separation

Kistanov E.I., Nikitin Yu.I., Sakharov A.N., Oshurkov M.V..
Statistical modeling of size-mass characteristics of potato tubers

№1 (50)

Kovalev N.G., Gridnev P.I., Gridneva T.T..
Scientific support for the development of environmentally safed systems of manure utilization (pp. 62-69)

Baranov N.F., Fufachev V.S., Stupin I.V..
Determination of material's tightening force with chipper knife (pp. 70-75)

Saitov V.E., Gataullin R.G..
Investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of a radial fan for the pneumatic system Investigation of pneumatic transport system of seeding machine "AGRAER-85OH" (pp. 76-80)

№2 (51)

Syumak A.V..
Energy-saving technologies and means of mechanization of a new generation for cultivation of soybean and cereals in the system of biological farming (pp. 63-68)

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Soboleva N.N..
Technical-and-economical justification of the optimal composition of means of mechanization considering agroecological regionalizing of an agricultural territories at microlevel (pp. 68-73)

№3 (52)

Demshin S.L., Cheremisinov D.A., Vladimirov E.A..
Perfecting of a construction of the unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and sowing APPN-2,1 (pp. 70-74)

№4 (53)

Glushkov A.L..
Analysis of moving process of grain material components in suction chamber of grain-cleaning machine (pp. 69-75)

Lobanov A.Y., Triandafilov A.F..
Regimes and parameters of technology of silage processing with carbon dioxide in the Komi Republic (pp. 75-80)
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№5 (54)

Burkov A.I., Lazykin V.A..
Results of the test of universal separator of seed SP-2F (pp. 73-78)
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№6 (55)

Burkov A.I., Simonov M.V., Mokiev V.Yu..
Results of acceptance tests of the machine for extraction and scarification of clover seeds КС-0.2 (pp. 62-67)
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Cheremisinov D.A., Demshin S.L..
Determination of parameters of the opener group in the development of unit for pre-sowing soil cultivation and sowing (pp. 67-72)