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Plant growing

№ 1 (20)

Vologzhanina E.N., Batalova G.A..
Production traits of naked oats in dependence on predecessor and seed rate
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Connection of duration of a growing season, productivity and quality of a grain summer wheat variety Bajenka with meteorological conditions

Shchennikova I.N., Kokina L.P., Butakova O.I..
Estimation of world barley genepool on grain size under condition of Volga-Vyatka district

Sofronova E.S., Tikhvinskiy S.F..
The new source material for breeding flax-dolgunca in condition of the Northeast Nechernozemiya Russia

Byval'tsev A.V., Perevozchikov E.A., Ukraintsev V.S..
Increasing sowing quality seeds decorative plants of the coniferous sorts by ultraviolet irradiation

Skupchenko L.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Prospects of cultivation of species of genus Cotoneaster Medik. in the north (Komi Republic)

№ 2 (21)

Maysak G.P., Voloshin V.A..
Comparative estimation of winter triticale varieties at cultivation for grain in Predural

№ 3 (22)

Lisitsyn E.M..
Pigment complex of winter rye under conditions of edaphic stress

Torop E.A., Chaykin V.V., Torop A.A..
Method of estimation of winter rye selection material for lodging resistance

Shalaeva O.V..
The features of the growth and development of Elymus sibiricus L. at introduction into middle taiga subzone of the Komi Republicми

№ 4 (23)

Surin N.A., Lyakhova N.E., Gerasimov S.A..
Role of breeding in increasing of barley resistance against stressful factors under conditions of East Siberia

Kedrova L.I., Utkina E.I., Parfenova E.S., Shamova M.G., Shlyakhtina E.A..
Winter rye varieties of a special-purpose designation in northeast of Non-Chernozem Region of Russia

Novikov I.L..
Cultivation of garden (largely) cranberry on mineral soil under conditions of Udmurt Republic

Mukhanin I.V., Grigor'eva L.V., Ershova O.A., Kozhina A.I..
Forming - "modified graceful spindle" and its economic efficiency in intensive trellis-dwarfish gardens

Ruban G.A., Zaynullina K.S., Mikhovich Zh.E..
Silphium perfoliatum L. - cultivation and prospects of use under conditions of Republic of Komi

№ 5 (24)

Zhuykova O.A., Sheshegova T.K., Batalova G.A..
State of gene pool of oats on resistance to basic diseases and frit fly, and sources of the character on the North-East of Non-Black Soil zone of Russian Federation
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Initial material of spring mild wheat for selection on productivity under conditions of North-East of Non-Chernozem zone of Russia

Belyaeva R.A., Rubtsova V.E., Parshukova T.V..
The study and creation of the initial material of reed canary grass under conditions of the Republic of Komi

Eroshenko L.M., Eroshenko A.N., Romakhin M.M., Eroshenko N.A..
Selection improvement of spring barley for adaptability in Non-Black Earth Zone

Korepanova E.V., Fatykhov I.I..
Effect of varieties and seeding rates on seed production of flax in the Sredneе Predyraljе

Savintseva L.S..
Indexes of fluctuating skewness of birch (Betula pendula Roth.) under anthropogenic impact on example of Kirov city

№ 6 (25)

Lisitsyn E.M..
Changes of structure of correlation complex of intravarietal groups of plants differ on aluminum resistance

Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V., Sergeeva Z.F..
Perspective directions of selection of potato on Falenki Plant-Breeding Station

Shirokikh I.G., Leushina L.S., Bakulina A.V..
Isolation, characteristic and estimation of regulator actions of methylotrophic bacteria on barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) plants at water deficiency

Danilova E.S., Danilova Yu.S., Nikonova Z.A..
An estimation of the main economic characteristics of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivar collection

Aleksandrova L.N., Efeykin D.P..
Hemp productivity depending on seeding rates

Paponov A.N., Shirinkin V.N., Torosyan R.A..
Direct-sowing method of cultivation of seminal plants of Eruca sativa cv. Izumrudnaya under conditions of Predural

№ 1 (26)

Vladykina N.I..
Change of climatic conditions in North climatic zone of Udmurt Republic

Titova I.S., El'kina G.Ya..
Blue lupine under conditions of the middle taiga subzone of Komi Republic

Mikhovich Zh.E., Ruban G.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Features of biology of Bunias orientalis L. seed reproduction at cultivation in the North

Receptions of harvesting of millet varieties for seeds in the Middle Predural

Kuryleva A.G..
Influence of pre-sowing processing of seeds by fungicides on productivity and grain quality of spring wheat

№ 2 (27)

Batalova G.A., Vologzhanina E.N., Zhuravleva G.P..
Influence of harvest date on yield and sowing quality of seeds of naked oat at storage
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Kedrova L.I., Utkina E.I., Parfenova E.S., Shamova M.G., Okhapkina N.A..
Forming of biochemical parameters of winter rye cultivars at North-East of European part of Russian Federation

Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Fruitful properties of spring soft wheat of a variety Bazhenka in dependence on terms of sowing and seeding rates

Terekhov M.B., Morozov A.I..
Influence of varietal peculiarities and pre-sowing treatment of seeds with preparation Nano-Gro on the productivity of spring wheat

Aleksandrov O.S., Danilova E.S., Danilova Yu.S., Karlov G.I..
The search for variety-specific molecular markers for the identification of new hop varieties (Humulus lupulus L.)

Stepanov G.S., Romanova I.V..
Decapitation as a factor of accelerating of the production of high-quality seeds of hemp

№ 3 (28)

Shchennikova I.N., Kokina L.P., Zolotareva R.I..
New spring barley "Pamjati Rodinoy"

Ponomareva S.V., Terekhov M.B..
Influence of weather conditions on productivity of field pea varieties and its elements

Gradoboeva T.P., Vladykina E.N., Koshcheeva N.S..
The study of an initial material for selection of long-fibred flax on resistance against fusarium withering

Fadeev A.A..
The composing components of the soybean productivity and the creation of a model of a new sort of a northern ecotype for the conditions of 56o of north latitude

Shalaeva O.V..
The growth and development of Hordeum jubatum L. under conditions of introduction at the European North-East

№ 4 (29)

Batalova G.A., Rusakova I.I., Zhuravleva G.P., Tulyakova M.V., Permyakova S.V..
Adaptive properties of oats varieties bred in North-East Agricultural Research Institute
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Sources from a world gene pool summer mild wheat in selection on productivity

Shmorgunov G.T., Puzanova I.E., Tulinov A.G..
The estimation of the perspective breeding numbers and varieties of the potato in the conditions of Komi Republic

Popova E.V.
The dynamics of blooming and fruit formation of bird's-foot trefoil in dependence on seeding rate and meteorology conditions

Aleksandrova L.N., Efeykin D.P..
Аnatomical constitution of the caulis of the hemp depending on the seeding rate

№ 5 (30)

Shamova M.G., Shchekleina L.M., Utkina E.I..
Reaction of varieties of winter rye to various sowing date under conditions of North-East region of Russian Federation
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Creation of Bazhenka – a variety of early-ripe summer soft wheat

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V..
Results of study of gene pool of long-fibred flax on Falenki Plant-Breeding Station

Danilova Yu.S., Kashtanova O.A..
Damson-hop aphid (Phorodon humuli Schrk.) and its harmfullness of Hops under conditions of North-East region of Russia

Morozov A.I..
Grain quality formation depending on the variety and seed treatment with Nano-Gro preparation

№ 6 (31)

Nikolaev A.V., Sezonova N.P., Lyubimskaya I.G..
Assessment of perspective varieties of potatoes of the Belarusian selection in the conditions of the Kostroma region

Vasil'ev A.A..
Potato yields depending on variety, planting density and nutrition level

Dem'yanova-Roy G.B., Okulova A.V..
Soybean productivity depending on term of planting and climatic conditions of Kostroma region

№ 1 (32)

Khorin A.N..
Studying of combining ability of varieties of spring soft wheat in diallel crossings to attributes of the mass of grain from the ear and the plant

Kharina A.V..
Bunt diseases of spring soft wheat under conditions of euro-north-east

Firsova S.V., Rusinov A.A..
Study of a Japanese quince in the Kirov area
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№ 2 (33)

Batalova G.A., Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Rusakova I.I., Antonov V.G., Tulyakova M.V., Shikhova L.N..
About creation of adaptive varieties of conventional oats –Sapsan and Avatar
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Volkova L.V..
Analysis of nature of inheritance of characters of productivity for hybrids of spring soft wheat

Babaytseva T.A., Lentochkin A.M., Gamberova T.V..
The dynamics of formation of sowing qualities of winter triticale’s seeds

Andrianova L.O., Kokonov S.I..
Feeding productivity of Udaloe millet in dependence of crops care methods

Gripas' M.N., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V, Onuchina O.L..
The new high-productive and disease-tolerant red clover variety Triphon

Nevolina K.N., Popova S.I., Kiryakova E.M..
Effect of mineral fertilizers on the photosynthetic activity of plants and grain yield of winter crops

Gur'yanov A.M., Artem'ev A.A., Moiseev A.A..
The experience of studying of influence of electro-physical factors on grain yield of cereal crops

Vasil'ev A.A..
Effect of planting density and calculation norms of mineral fertilizers on photosynthetic activity and yield formation of potato under condition of Southern Ural

№ 3 (34)

Shchennikova I.N., Shupletsova N.N., Kunilova A.V..
Regenerants of barley as initial material for selection of varieties under condition of climate change

Lyalichkin O.A., Prokina L.N., Ibragimova G.N..
Influence of mineral nitrogen and seeding rates on productivity of oats varieties

Makarov V.I., Glushkov V.V., Maslova N.F..
A comparative estimation of winter crops productivity under conditions of the Mari El Republic

Vasil'ev A.A..
Foliar treatment by micro-fertilizer Tenso-coctail increases yield and quality of potato tubers

Belyaeva R.A., Rubtsova V.E..
Productivity of the selection samples of Phalaroide arundinacea L. at two hay-crop use

Plenkina G.A., Rusinov A.A., Firsova S.V..
Study of influence of some elements of technology on implanting ability of green cuttings of cherry under conditions of Kirov region
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Martynov L.G..
Introduction of Actinidia colomicta in the middle taiga subzone of the Komi Republic

№ 4 (35)

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova N.E., Ashikhmin V.P., Saveliev Yu.P., Vologzhanin V.N., Kaisin D.V..
Methodical problems of agro-ecological regionalization of agricultural territories on micro-level

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova N.E., Ashikhmin V.P., Saveliev Yu.P., Vologzhanin V.N., Kaisin D.V..
Agro-ecological characteristics of experimental field of Falenki selection station

Budina E.A., Batalova G.A..
The influence of harvest dates on sowing quality of seeds of oats at storage
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Adaptive potential of varieties and perspective lines of mild spring wheat on productivity

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V..
New variety of long-fibred flax Sinel

Ruban G.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Features of a seed reproduction of Rhaponticum cartamoides (Willd. ) Jljin and Serratula coronata L. at cultivation under conditions of a middle-taiga subzone of the Komi Republic

Shalaeva O.V..
The growth and development of Beckmannia eruciformis in the Botanical garden of the Institute of Biology of Ural Division of RAS

№ 5 (36)

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Golovko T.K., Tabalenkova G.N., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova V.E., Ashikhmin V.P., Saveliev Yu.P., Kaisin D.V..
Influence of meteorological factors on formation of spring barley yield under condition of agro-landscape

Dmitriev A.V., Lednev A.V..
Regional changes of climatic exponents in terms of the northern agro-climatic region of the Udmurt Republic

Fadeev A.A., Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V..
The influence of abiotic factors of the environment on the number of seeds in soy beans under conditions of Chuvashia

№ 6 (37)

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova V.E., Ashikhmin V.P., Saveliev Yu.P., Vologzhanin V.N., Kaisin D.V..
Features of influence of soil conditions within agro-micro-landscapes on forming of yield of agricultural crops

Batalova G.A., Lisitsyn E.M..
Dynamics of relative content of photosynthetic pigments in oats leaves
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Adaptive potential of varieties and perspective lines of spring soft wheat on some features of grain quality

Sadovnikova E.V., Nikolaev A.V..
The influence of planting scheme and row-spacing width on yield and quality of potato

Miteneva E.O., Ustyuzhanin I.A..
The analysis of red clover collection (Trifolium pratense L.) on efficiency of symbiosis with Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii 2-4B bacterian strain

Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V..
The influence of drought on the biometric parameters of early ripening varieties of soybean

№ 1 (38)

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova N.E., Vologzhanin V.N., Soboleva N.N..
Methodical aspects of revealing of environmental factors limiting indexes of yield of agricultural crops, and their highly precision optimization by application of technogenic means (pp. 4-7)

Kuznetsov D.A., Lyalichkin O.A., Smolin N.V., Murashov A.V..
Effect of different doses of nitrogen fertilizer and seeding rates on productivity and seed quality of oats (pp. 7-11)

Pashina L.V., Pashin E.L..
The comparative estimation of technological quality of a pond retting and field retting flax stock (pp. 12-16)

Medvedev G.A., Mikhalkov D.E., Kochubeev N.V., Golev A.A..
Influence of herbicides on oil flax productivity under conditions of the Volgograd region (pp. 16-19)

Nefedov V.N., Eryashev A.P., Eryashev P.A..
Influence of plant protection preparations and albite on growth, development and productivity of peas (pp. 20-24)

№ 2 (39)

Lapshin Yu.A., Byrcanova C.V..
The effectiveness of fodder grain production in one-species and mixed winter agrobiocenoses (pp. 4-9)
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Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V., Kharina A.V..
Variety of a collection of All-Russia institute of plant industry as sources of valuable properties in selection of spring soft wheat (pp. 10-13)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V., Rusinov A.A..
Results of plum-tree variety test in Kirov region (pp. 14-19)
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Bakulina A.V., Shirokikh I.G..
Optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation protocol of barley (pp. 20-24)

№ 3 (40)

Shchekleina L.M., Sheshegova T.K., Utkina E.I..
Frit fly on a winter rye sowings in the Kirov region (pp. 4-7)
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Kharina A.V..
The forecast of a lesion of spring soft wheat with dusty smut (pp. 8-11)

Razumova V.V., Razumova A.V., Antonov V.G., Batalova G.A..
Oats varieties and their resistance to different diseases (pp. 12-14)
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Lyskova I.V., Shlyakhtina E.A., Rylova O.N..
Influence of alpha amylase activity on baking qualities of winter rye (pp. 15-18)

Nikolaev A.V., Sezonova N.P., Lyubimskaya I.G., Lange F..
Productivity and resistance to late blight and early blight of potato varieties under conditions of Kostroma region (pp. 19-24)

Matarueva I.A., Zhuchkova E.A., Arykova N.S..
Features of the anatomical structure of stem in fiber flax cultivars (Linum usitatissimum L.) at plants processing with biologically active preparations (pp. 25-30)

№ 4 (41)

Batalova G.A., Tulyakova M.V., Permyakova S.V., Rusakova I.I..
New adaptive varieties of covered oats (pp. 4-8)
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Shchennikova I.N..
Influence of weather conditions on growth and development of barley plants in Kirov region (pp. 9-12)

Maksimov V.A., Zolotareva R.I., Ivanova L.I., Vinogradov G.M..
Efficiency of varieties of spring barley at cultivation on a different backgrounds of mineral nutrition in the conditions of the central soil-and-climatic zone of the Republic of Mari El (pp. 13-17)

Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V..
New potato variety Golubka (pp. 18-21)

Fadeev A.A., Nikonova Z.A., Osipova Yu.S..
Preservation of a collection of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) and selection of sources for formation of a working genetic collection (pp. 21-25)

№ 5 (42)

Amunova O.S., Lisitsyn E.M..
Comparative aluminum-resistance of soft spring wheat varieties bred in Siberia and European part of Russia (pp. 4-9)

Sintsova N.F., Sergeeva Z.F..
The initial material for selection of high-starch potato varieties in the Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 9-12)

Ivenin V.V., Ivenin A.V., Bannikov V.M..
Influence of elements of technology on productivity and power efficiency of cultivation of potato (pp. 13-16)

Solovykh N.V., Budagovsky A.V., Yankovskaya M.B..
The influence of led and laser radiation on the growth and propagation of berry cultures in vitro on the example of black raspberry and actinidia kolomikta (pp. 16-21)

№ 6 (43)

Koryakovtseva L.A., Volkova L.V..
Ground of parameters of model of a high-yield variety of spring soft wheat for conditions of Non-Chernozem zone of Russia (pp. 13-18)

Ryabova O.V..
Endophytic actinobacteria genus Cellulomonas in an artificially created association with potato meristem (pp. 18-24)

№1 (44)

Amunova O.S., Lisitsyn E.M..
Varietal variability of parameters of non-specific resistance of spring common wheat plants to abiotic stress (pp. 4-8)

Sofronov A.P., Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
Drought resistance of European hazel under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 9-13)
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Nikolaev A.V., Sezonova N.P., Lyubimskaya I.G., Kuznezov S.S., Kolyadko I.I..
Ecological testing of the Belarusian potato varieties under conditions of Kostroma region (pp. 14-17)

№2 (45)

Batalova G.A., Vedernikov Yu.E..
Breeding and original seed growing of naked oats (pp. 4-9)
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Fadeev A.A., Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V..
Determination of heterosis for F1 reciprocal hybrids of soya-beans (pp. 10-14)

Gradoboeva T.P., Pislegina S.S..
Initial material for breeding of peas under conditions of Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 15-21)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V..
Studying of varieties of a sweet-berry honeysuckle bred in N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 21-26)
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№3 (46)

Mukhamad'yarov F.F., Korobitsyn S.L., Rubtsova N.E..
Agroecological regionalizing of an agricultural territories at microlevel (pp. 20-27)

Kharina A.V..
Adaptive potential of spring soft wheat varieties resistant to dusty smut (pp. 28-31)

Sintsova N.F., Sergeeva Z.F., Osipova T.A..
Evaluation of hybrid populations at breeding of potatoes on high starch content (pp. 32-37)

№4 (47)

Alabushev A.V., Dontsova A.A., Potokina E.K..
Labelling of Ppd and Vrn genes in barley by means of PCR-analysis (pp. 4-9)

Batalova G.A., Shirokikh I.G., Tulyakova M.V., Shevchenko S.N., Rusakova I.I., Abubakirova R.I., Zhuykova O.A..
Some results and methodical aspects of oats breeding for resistance against edaphic stress (pp. 9-15)
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Filenko G.A., Firsova T.I..
Seed-growing of barley in Rostov region (pp. 16-21)

Tulinov A.G..
Results of testing of promising varieties of potato under conditions of Komi Republic (pp. 21-28)
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№5 (48)

Alabushev A.V., Yankowskiy N.G., Ovsyannikova G.V., Popov A.S., Sukharev A.A..
The consumption of moisture at cultivation of winter wheat on different predecessors in the southern zone of the Rostov regionой зоне Ростовской области (pp. 4-9)

Sheshegova T.K..
Analysis of a phytosanitary condition of sowings of spring grain crops in the Kirov region (Analytical review) (pp. 10-14)
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Gradoboeva T.P., Pislegina S.S., Lyskova I.V..
Grain-mowing peas Vita (pp. 15-19)

Bashlakova O.N., Budina E.A..
Influence of some agro-methods on productivity and seed quality of potato in Kirov region (pp. 19-23)

Vakhrusheva N.S..
Estimation of elite forms of garden strawberry under conditions of Kirov region (pp. 23-28)
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Fadeev A.A., Nikonova Z.A..
The results of study of hop varieties of different ripeness groups for important economic traits and resistance to major diseases (pp. 29-33)

Utkina E.I., Kedrova L.I., Shlyakhtina E.A., Shamova M.G., Parfenova E.S..
Technological features of cultivation of winter rye Falenskaya 4 under conditions of changing climate (pp. 34-38)

Plenkina G.A., Saltykova T.I..
Use of genetic variability of forms of black currant in breeding on complex resistance to currant bud tick (Cecidophyоpsis ribis Westw.) and to American powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca mors uvae (Schw. Berk)) in Kirov region (pp. 39-45)
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№6 (49)

Romanyukina I.V., Marchenko D.M., Grichanikova T.A., Rybas' I.A., Ignat'eva N.G..
Results of the study of winter wheat collection material on productivity and quality (pp. 4-8)

Shchennikova I.N..
Models of spring barley's varieties for conditions of Volga-Vyatka regio (pp. 9-14)

Filippov E.G., Dontsova A.A., Dontsov D.P..
Parameters of model varieties of winter barley for conditions of the Rostov region (pp. 14-19)

Koshcheeva N.S., Gradoboeva T.P., Lyskova I.V..
Perspective varieties of long-fibred flax bred in Falenki Plant-Breeding Station (pp. 19-23)

Onuchina O.L., Korneva I.A..
Perspective varieties of red clover having high forage quality for conditions of north-east of European part of Russia (pp. 24-28)

Nikolaev A.V., Cheremin G.E., Lyubimskaya I.G., Kuznetsov D.A., Prokof'eva O.P..
Promising growth regulators on seed potatoes under conditions of Kostroma region (pp. 29-33)

Plenkina G.A., Rusinov A.A..
Influence of terms of propagation and varietal features on the rooting of green cuttings of plum (pp. 34-37)
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№1 (50)

Kostylev P.I., Popov S.S..
The number of grains in a rice panicle as a selection criterion on productivity (pp. 4-7)

Mikhovich Zh.E., Ruban G.A., Zaynullina K.S..
Seed sowing quality and productivity of Bunias orientalis when grown in the middle taiga subzone of the Komi Republic (pp. 7-11)

Alabushev A.V., Kovtunov V.V., Kovtunova N.A., Gorpinichenko S.I..
Breeding of grain sorghum in the Rostov region (pp. 12-15)

Belyaeva R.A., Kosolapovа T.V..
Evaluation of initial material of spire cane (Phalaroides arundinacea L.) in conditions of the Republic of Komi (pp. 16-18)
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№2 (51)

Volkova L.V..
The study of spring wheat hybrids on yield and protein content (pp. 4-8)

Paschkova G.I., Kuz'minykh A.N..
The effect of the solutions of whey and growth stimulators on productivity and quality of spring wheat grain (pp. 9-14)

Nikul'chev К.А., Zakharova Е.B..
Economic evaluation of efficiency of herbicides application in the technology of corn cultiva-tion for grain (pp. 14-20)

Firsova T.I., Filenko G.A., Dontsova A.A..
Response of spring barley variety ‘Leon’ on the growth regulators used together with the seed disinfectants (pp. 20-23)

Petrov L.K., Selekhov V.V..
The results of studying of winter wheat cultivars under the conditions of the Nizhniy Novgorod region (pp. 24-28)

Dubinina O.A., Vozhzhova N.N..
The adaptive potential of hard winter wheat varieties (pp. 29-33)

№3 (52)

Fomina M.N., Aver'yasova Y.S..
Geometric characteristics of grain of naked oats varieties in the northern forest-steppe zone of the Tyumen region (pp. 4-9)

Gripas' M.N., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V, Onuchina O.L..
The new hybrid clover variety Flamingo (pp. 10-14)

Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Merkusheva M. Yu., Lyskova I.V..
New potato variety Virazh with resistance to golden potato nematode (pp. 15-18)

Shchannikova M.A..
Estimation of short grasses for making lawns in the condition of North-Eastern region of the Non-Chernozem zone of Russia (pp. 18-22)

№4 (53)

Gromova S.N., Skripka O.V., Podgornyy S.V..
Soft winter wheat productivity and resistance to lodging and powdery mildew in the Rostov region (pp. 4-9)

Sheshegova T.K., Batalova G.A., Shchekleina L.M., Rusakova I.I..
New pesticides and agro-chemicals in technology of cultivation of naked oat Vyatsky (pp. 10-14)
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Lipovtsyna T.P..
Results of awnless brome-grass (Bromopsis inermis Leyss.) breeding in Northern Trans-Ural Region (pp. 15-21)

Ismagilov R.R., Nekhoroshikh M.S., Akhiyarova L.M..
Quality of winter rye grain from shoots of different formation order (pp. 22-26)

Plenkina G.A., Firsova S.V., Sofronov A.P..
Productivity of non-traditional horticultural crops in Kirov region (pp. 26-32)
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№5 (54)

Rusakova I.I., Batalova G.A., Vedernikov Yu.E., Tulyakova M.V..
Sources of economically valuable traits for covered oat breeding (pp. 4-9)
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Sheshegova T.K., Shchennikova I.N., Shchekleina L.M., Kokina L.P..
Sources of spring barley resistance to helminthosporium and its use in breeding (pp. 9-14)
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Ermolina G.M., Kovtunova N.A., Shishova E.A., Romanyukin А.Е..
Initial material of Sudan grass for solving of main breeding tasks (pp. 14-20)

Kokovkina S.V..
Effect of pectin polysaccharides on formation of productivity and bioenergetic efficiency of cultivation of table carrot (pp. 21-25)
read all

Koshcheeva N.S., Lyskova I.V., Kraeva S.N..
Influence of agro-meteo-conditions on main economically valuable parameters in long-fibred flax (pp. 26-30)

№6 (55)

Utkina E.I., Voylokov A.V., Kedrova L.I., Chugunova N.V..
Methodical approaches on creation of winter rye population varieties for different goal directions (pp. 4-8)

Volkova L.V..
Productivity of spring wheat and its relation to elements of yield structure in years differ by meteorological conditions (pp. 9-15)

Krivosheev G.Y., Shevchenko N.A., Gaze V.L., Anisimova N.N..
The initial material for breeding of drought tolerant hybrids of maize (pp. 15-20)

Onuchina O.L., Gripas' M.N., Korneva I.A., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V.
Results of red clover breeding for aluminum tolerance under conditions of North-East of European part of Russia (pp. 20-25)

№1 (56)

Savchenko I.V..
Biological diversity of cultural plants - a basis of innovative development of crop production (pp. 4-9)

Kulikov I.M., Minakov I.A..
The development of horticulture in Russia: trends, problems, prospects (pp. 9-15)

Nelyubina Zh.S., Kasatkina N.I..
ВEffect of technological methods on the formation of seed productivity of a Lotus corniculatus in the Udmurt Republic (pp. 15-20)

Ponomareva S.V., Selekhov V.V..
The yield and the quality of pea cultivars depending on weather conditions (pp. 20-27)

№2 (57)

Rusakova I.I., Batalova G.A., Ren Changzhong, Vologzhanina E.N., Zhuykova O.A., Tulyakova M.V..
Breeding evaluation of sources of naked oats under conditions of Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 4-11)
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Shchennikova I.N., Sheshegova T.K..
New spring barley variety Forsazh (pp. 11-17)
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Gradoboeva T.P..
Resistance of pea varieties to aschochyta blight in varying environmental conditions (pp. 17-22)

№3 (58)

Shupletsova O.N., Shchennikova I.N..
Barley variety 'Forvard' of regenerant origin (pp. 4-8)

Kokina L.P., Shchekleina L.M., Kunilova A.V..
Sources of valuable breeding traits and their use in creation of barley varieties adapted to conditions of Volga-Vyatka region (pp. 9-14)
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Ivanova Yu.S., Fomina M.N..
Morphological parameters of stem lodging resistance in accessions of hulless oats collection (pp. 15-21)

Kovtunova N.A., Ermolina G.M., Gorpinichenko S.I., Romanyukin А.Е..
Fodder value of sweet sorghum (pp. 21-25)

Popova L.A., Golovina L.N., Shamanin A.A., Maslova V.M..
Estimation of productivity and adaptivity of potato varieties of different ripening groups under conditions of Arkhangelsk region (pp. 26-31)

Sintsova N.F., Sergeeva Z.F..
Study of collection potato varieties on productivity and disease resistance (pp. 31-35)

№4 (59)

Yudin A.A., Kokovkina S.V..
History of creation, directions of research and priorities of development of agricultural science in the Republic of Komi (pp. 4-8)
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Kosolapovа T.V., Shmorgunov G.T..
Ecological plasticity and stability of winter rye productivity in the Republic of Komi (pp. 9-13)
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Sokerina N.N..
The results of variety test of berry crops in conditions of Republic of Komi (pp. 13-18)
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Volkova L.V., Gireva V.M..
Estimation of spring soft wheat varieties by yield and adaptive properties (pp. 19-23)

Shokaeva D.B..
Link of winter hardiness of strawberry’s parent genotypes with inheritance of number of inflorescence and fruit size (pp. 24-29)

№5 (60)

Ivanova Yu.S., Fomina M.N..
Technological evaluation of grain in collection samples of naked oat in the conditions of Northern forest-steppe of the Tyumen region (pp. 4-9)

Tulinov A.G., Shlyk M.Yu..
Efficiency of potato processing with pectic polysaccharides (pp. 9-15)
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№6 (61)

Zykin P.А., Utkina E.I., Voylokov A.V..
Experience of image-analysis of rye grain (pp. 4-8)

Lisitsyn E.M., Amunova O.S..
Action of wheat’s genetic systems in depend on way of aluminum entrance into plant (pp. 8-15)

Zhirnyh S.S..
Productivity of winter wheat varieties depending on sowing time in conditions of the Udmurt Republic (pp. 15-19)

Onuchina O.L., Gripas' M.N., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V, Korneva I.A..
Shans – new red clover variety (pp. 20-24)

№1 (62)

Babaytseva T.A., Gamberova T.V..
The model of the winter triticale variety for the Middle Urals
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Amunova O.S., Tiunova L.N..
Genetic diversity of soft spring wheat in resistance to early drought
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Kuznetsov D.A., Ibragimova G.N., Kalinina A.D..
The effect of nitrogen fertilizers on productivity and grain quality of oat varieties in southern Nonchernozem Zone
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Leont'eva V.V..
Preliminary results of selection of clones of common hops (Humulus Lupulus L.) for breeding new varieties of bitter and aromatic types
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№2 (63)

Batalova G.A., Zhuykova O.A., Krotova N.V., Vologzhanina E.N., Tulyakova M.V..
Agrobiological features of the new naked oat variety Baget
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Ponomareva S.V..
The study of starting material of pea collection in Nizhny Novgorod region
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Kasatkina N.I., Nelyubina Zh.S..
Response of tetraploid red clover to the time and method of seed grass harvesting
read all

Markova M.G., Somova E.N..
Influence of the nutrient medium and the spectral composition of light on the reproduction of strawberry in vitro
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№3 (64)

Sapega V.A., Tursunbekova G.Sh..
Estimating the winter rye varieties by yield productivity and parameters of ecological plasticity in the conditions of the Northern Trans-Urals
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Sheshegova T.K., Shchennikova I.N..
The response of a new barley variety Rodnik Prikamiya to the use of plant growth regulators
read all

Sergeeva Z.F., Sintsova N.F., Lyskova I.V., Lyskova T.V..
Estimating the potato varieties by productivity and biochemical parameters under conditions of Kirov region
read all

Koshcheeva N.S., Batalova G.A., Lyskova I.V., Kraeva S.N..
Results of study of long-fiber flax’s collection material by the parameters of economically valuable traits
read all

Kostylev P.I., Krasnova E.V..
The new rice varieties Virasan and Piruet
read all

№4 (65)

Shirokikh I.G., Shupletsova O.N., Tovstik E.V., Ogorodnikova S.Yu., Nazarova Ya.I., Berezin G.I..
Сomprehensive assessment of barley plants regenerated from resistant to cadmium callus lines
read all

Sheshegova T.K., Shchekleina L.M., Utkina E.I..
Immunologic characteristics of winter rye varieties
read all

Maksimov V.A., Zolotareva R.I., Maksimova R.B..
Effect of different doses of nitrogen fertilizing on the grain and fodder productivity of winter rye varieties in the conditions of the Republic of Mari El
read all

Shupletsova N.N., Shchennikova I.N..
Environment-forming activity of barley regenerants root systems in the conditions of acid soils toxicity
read all

Kurdakova O.V., Rekashus E.S..
Ecological testing of different selective numbers of meadow clover in the Smolensk region
read all

Sintsova N.F., Sergeeva Z.F., Bashlakova O.N..
Plasticity and stability of potato varieties bred by Falenki breeding station
read all

Firsova S.V., Sofronov A.P., Rusinov A.A..
Pear adaptability and productivity in the north-eastern part of European Russia
read all

Budagovskaya O.N., Kozlova I.I..
Characteristics of vital features of strawberry plants by long-term covering with non-woven material
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№5 (66)

Batalova G.A., Krotova N.V., Vologzhanina E.N., Zhuykova O.A., Zhuravleva G.P., Tulyakova M.V..
Sources of naked oat for grain quality breeding
read all

Parfenova E.S., Utkina E.I., Kedrova L.I., Shamova M.G..
Estimation of winter rye gene pool for productivity under conditions of Kirov region
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Rekashus E.S..
The criterion of significance of general adaptive ability
read all

Rekashus E.S., Kurdakova O.V..
The criterion of significance of general adaptive ability: numerical model
read all

Kokina L.P., Shchennikova I.N., Zaitseva I.Yu..
Estimation of barley collection samples on resistance to osmotic stress
read all

Bondareva L.M., Radyukevich T.N., Kartasheva L.I., Lyubek N.I..
Study of spring barley perspective strain L1505 resistance to abiotic stressors in the condi-tions of the Leningrad region
read all

Gripas' M.N., Arzamasova E.G., Popova E.V.
Complex estimation of red clover perspective varieties
read all

Fadeeva M.F., Vorob'eva L.V., Matveeva O.L..
The influence of weather conditions on the signs of adaptability and soy crop in the North-East of Russia
read all

Solovykh N.V., Budagovsky A.V..
Stimulation of risogenesis of red and black raspberry in vitro with use of coherent radiation
read all

№6 (67)

Amunova O.S..
The influence of meteorological conditions of vegetation on the content of photosynthetic pigments in leaves of soft spring wheat
read all

Kazak A.A., Loginov Yu.P..
Comparative study of mid-season and middle-late varieties of strong wheat of the Siberian selection in a forest-steppe zone of the Tyumen region
read all

Slyudova E.A., Vedernikov Yu.E..
Influence of sowing and harvesting data on the yield and sowing qualities of spring wheat Bazhenka seeds
read all

Konstantinova I.N., Vladimirova E.S..
The study of source material by the traits of early maturity, plant height and resistance to lodging in the conditions of Central Yakutia
read all

Kuryleva A.G..
Adaptive reaction of barley varieties during environmental testing in the Udmurt Republic
read all

Pislegina S.S., Chetvertnykh S.A..
Productivity of pea varieties in a competitive varietal test under conditions of Kirov region
read all

Malysheva N.Yu., Dyubenko T.V., Nagiev T.B., Kovaleva N.V., Malyshev L.L..
Seasonal dynamics of growth of varieties and wild samples of perennial forage crops in the conditions of the Leningrad region
read all

Konstantinova S.P., Ivanova I.Yu..
Maturity group of perspective potato hybrids in the conditions of the Chuvash Republic
read all

Sofronov A.P., Firsova S.V..
Introduction of viburnum opulus in Kirov region
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