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Zootechny (The hunting)

№ 1 (20)

Rusakov R.V., Garifullina N.A..
The usage of a complex biologically of active materials with antioxidant by properties in a feeding pregnancy of the cows

Baranov А.V., Sirotina M.V..
The structure of the nasolabial muzzle of yaroslavskaya and red gorbatovskaya breeds

Kistina А.A., Kuleshov V.E., Alukaev M.P., Prytkov Y.N., Gur'yanov A.M..
The effectiveness of application of selenium containing preparations in feeding of xoung bulls

Solov'eva A.S., Domskiy I.A., Bel'tyukova Z.N., Timoshenko M.A..
Correction microflora gastrointestinal silver foxes probiotics subalin

№ 2 (21)

Brandorf A.Z., Ivoylova M.M..
The use of honeybees for pollination of red clover in the Kirov region

Berezina Yu.A., Bespyatykh O.Yu., Kokorina A.E..
Biochemical pattern of blood serum of young minks

Agalakova T.V..
Effect of varying of length of dry period on earlier insemination of cows after calving

Sokolov N.V., Baranov А.V..
Technology of organization of elk farms

Mukhamedyanov M.M., Plotnikov I.A..
Application of by-products of fruits and berries in feeding of fur animals

№ 3 (22)

Egorashin V.G., Orlov B.N..
Use of informational ultrahigh frequency radiation and sound diagnostics in researches on honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Korotaev V.M., Suntsova N.A., Gazizov V.Z..
Influence of sedimin preparation on the content of micronutrients in whey and integral blood of females of a raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides L.)

№ 4 (23)

Uryadnikov M.V..
Estimation of alive weight and dairy efficiency of cows of black-motley breed with different genotypes on somatotropin

Brandorf A.Z., Rychkov I.N., Ivoylova M.M..
Features of processing of royal jelly

№ 5 (24)

Kizhaev M.F., Krisanov A.F., Gorbacheva N.N., Gur'yanov A.M., Shchegarina M.V..
Some aspects of the same all-year cows’ feeding

Kokorina A.E., Bespyatykh O.Yu..
Macroanatomic changes of the lymphoid tissue of small intestines of the fox and the polar fox under influence of succinic acid

Kolesnikov V.V., Mashkin V.I..
On the relationship of marmots (Marmota) and predators which pursuit them

№ 6 (25)

Vel'matov A.P., Vel'matov A.A., Gur'yanov A.M., Andreev O.D..
Amino acid composition of milk of daughter-cows of Holstein bulls of Holland selection

Blokhin P.I., Eremin S.P..
Correction of natural resistance at calves with preparation Bio-TEC

Ekonomov A.V., Kolesnikov V.V., Sukhanova M.S..
Adaptive features of wild boars on northern border of distribution

Kolbina L.M., Nepeyvoda S.N., Vorob'eva S.L., Sannikova N.A., Maslennikov I.V., Il'yasov R.A., Nikolenko A.G..
The genetic differentiation of honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) populations in the Udmurt Republic

Gubin S.G., Solov'ev R.M., Kozlovskiy V.Yu..
Features of growth of bull-calves of dairy breeds

№ 1 (26)

Kopylov S.N..
The effect of the fodder supplement “Yantar” on immune-biochemical characteristics of newborn calves

Brandorf A.Z., Ivoylova M.M..
Effect of additional feeding of bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies with sugar syrup on the qualitative parameters of hibernation

№ 2 (27)

Ekonomov A.V., Kolesnikov V.V., Utrobina V.V., Sukhanova M.S..
Influence of various factors on upland and waterfowl game during reproductive period and developments of young birds

№ 3 (28)

Babaylova G.P., Usmanova E.N..
Selektsionno-genetic criteria of selection of cows Black-motley breeds in breeding factory "Krasnogorsky" of Kirov

Brandorf A.Z., Rychkov I.N., Ivoylova M.M..
The duration of the mating period of queens of Apis mellifera L. depending on the ways of reproduction

№ 4 (29)

Andreev A.I., Chikunova V.I., Gur'yanov A.M..
Dairy cows blood parameters at using of different kinds of silage in diets

Kozlovskiy I.S., Kolesnikov V.V..
The method of trophy evaluation of Himalayan bear (Ursus thibetanus Cuvier) fells

№ 5 (30)

Kistina А.A., Prytkov Y.N., Rod'kin I.I., Gur'yanov A.M..
The influence of selenium-contained addition in rations on metabolism and activity of growth of calves

Cherakshev I.I..
Exterior features of steers of the creating type of the red-and-white breed

Shiryaev V.V., Sergeev A.A., Gorshkov Yu.A..
The experience of the conservation of biodiversity and gene pool of wildlife in game management and fur-farming of Russia

Akieva O.M., Bidzhiev A.Z., Golubev A.A., Sarbasheva M.M., Mantaeva S.Sh., Shikhalieva M.A., Bittirov A.M..
Ecological-and-Species and epizootological characteristics of helminthes of wolf in Kabardino-Balkaria

№ 6 (31)

Titova S.V..
Planning of selection of black-motley cattle

Babaylova G.P., Usmanova E.N., Yamshchikova T.A..
Parameters of reproduction and dairy efficiency of cows of Black-motley breed with a different share of blood on Goldstein breed

Petrov O.Yu..
Influence of a level of fat in diets of reproductive heifers on parameters of rumenal digestion

Rudenko O.V., Komarova G.D..
The productive longevity of cows of different populations of Nizhny Novgorod region depending on their linear accessory

Glushkov V.M., Pankratov A.P., Shevnina M.S..
Optimization of the negative factors constraining resource management of wild ungulates

Petrov O.Yu..
Influence of different fat levels of the ration of calves and heifers on biochemical blood indices, characterizing lipid metabolism

Akieva O.M., Bidzhiev A.Z., Golubev A.A., Mantaeva S.Sh., Sarbasheva M.M., Shikhalieva M.A., Bittirov A.M..
Epizootological analysis of helminthes of yard, traveling and koshar's dogs in Kabardino-Balkaria

№ 2 (39)

Semenova N.V..
The efficiency of stage-by-stage selection of sires on productive and technological traits in dairy cattle breeding (pp. 46-50)

Zharikov Ya.A., Kaneva L.A..
Relation of value of milk yield and biochemical status of the blood serum in cows (pp. 51-54)
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Kozlov V.M..
Regulation of hunting on the technological level (pp. 54-58)

Brandorf A.Z., Ivoylova M.M., Xue Yunbo, Li Xing'an.
Quality of Royal Jelly bees of different origin (pp. 58-62)

№ 3 (40)

Kaneva L.A., Zharikov Ya.A., Matyukov V.S..
The population-and-genetic characteristics of meat-wool semi-fine-fleece-wool sheep of Pechora pedigree group (pp. 45-50)
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Yunaev А.P., Fedin А.S., Gur'yanov A.M., Gayirbegov D.Sh..
Magnesium carbonate in the diets of young hens (pp. 50-53)

Zabiiakin V.A., Vedernikov A.A., Dubinin M.V., Ivanushkina N.I., Popova O.V., Samartsev V.N..
The study of gender differences in gray-speckled and blue populations of guinea fowl (Numida meleagris L.) on some biochemical indicators (pp. 53-56)

Titova S.V..
Influence of some factors on the lifelong yield of milk and duration of the productive use of cows (pp. 57-62)
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№ 4 (41)

Chashchukhin V.A..
Age variability of chewing surfaces of teeth of moose (Alces alces L.) in the basin of river Vyatka (pp. 48-51)

№ 5 (42)

Vel'matov A.P., Gur'yanov A.M., Vel'matov A.A., Neyaskin N.N., Tishkina T.N..
The effectiveness of use of red-and-white Holstein bulls of European selection at breeding of Volga-type red-and-white cattle (pp. 52-58)

Kaneva L.A., Zharikov Ya.A., Matyukov V.S..
Zootechnical characteristics of Pechora meat-wool semi-fine-fleece wool sheep (pp. 58-63)
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№ 6 (43)

Makaryushchenko V.V..
Regional features of hunting tourism in Russia (pp. 50-57)

Zabiiakin V.A., Zabiiakina T.V., Kropotova A.L..
The meat quality of guinea fowl (Numida meleagris L., 1766) and its variation under refrigeration storage (pp. 58-62)
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Rusakov R.V..
The efficiency of feeding the bulls-producers with complex of biologically active substances having antioxidant properties (pp. 63-67)