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Order for submission, peer reviewing, and publication

of scientific articles received to Editorial Board of Journal "An agrarian science of Euro-North-East"

Order of submission of manuscripts
1. Scan-copy of manuscript in electronic format is submitted to official address of Editorial Board along with Author's questionnaire based on Journal's web site.
2. All materials received to Editorial Board, which meet Journal type, are registered in logbook for manuscripts with indication of delivery data, article name, author(s) name, place of employment. Further stages of article's processing are fixed in log-file of manuscript. Manuscripts, which do not meet Journal type, are not registered with notification of author(s).
3. All correspondence between authors and Editorial Board is co-ordinated and governed by responsible secretary of Editorial Board. Correspondence with authors is carried through contact person indicated in manuscript.
4. Manuscripts must meet Rules of publication and Requirements to manuscripts (hereinafter – Requirements) available for authors in Journal web site. Testing for compliance of incoming materials to Requirements is done by responsible secretary of Editorial Board (in necessity – together with member of Editorial Board, which is responsible for thematic section of Journal). At least five (5) days after receiving of manuscript a letter is directed to author with information about day of entry of manuscript and further activity:
• Manuscript does not meet Requirements. Author is informed on necessity to modify manuscript according to Requirements. In this case, "reference point" for material processing is data of incoming of manuscript modified according to Requirements.
• Manuscript meets Requirements. Author is informed on conditions of publication (in accordance with State on financial supply of the Journal) and necessity to offer scan-copy of manuscript with signatures of all authors within recommended period (up to 5 working days). Scan-copy of covered letter with permission to publish from organization where first author works is added to manuscript. Manuscript of postgraduate is accompanied with scan-copy of certificate from Graduate Center.

Order of reviewing of the scientific articles 
5. All manuscripts of scientific article presented for publication in Journal  are passed obligatory peer-reviewing.
6. The responsible secretary directs the registered manuscripts for primary expertise to member of Editorial Board responsible for thematic division of Journal for 5 working days period. Tasks of primary expertise: estimation of type of material (review article, problem article, discussion article, experimental work, methodical work); estimation of conformity of manuscript to requirements for informative part of structural elements of article; test for existence of unoriginal text; selection of reviewers on article theme. After primary expertise manuscript is passed to scientific reviewer(s) or at much number of remarks – returned to author for improving.
7. Scientific peer-reviewing is made basically by principle of double anonymous ("blind") reviewing (reviewer does not know author's name, author(s) does not know reviewer's name). Manuscript passes inner reviewing (by members of Editorial Board and Editorial Council) and/or external reviewing (by leading scientists in the field of work – reviewers of the Journal).
8. Reviewer – DSc or PhD – must be recognized specialist in thematic of reviewing materials and had corresponding publications within last three years.
9. Requirements to the peer review. In peer review it is necessary to reflect conformity of the maintenance of the manuscript to its title; urgency of work, its scientific novelty and the practical importance; validity of conclusions and offers, positive aspects and manuscript's lacks (with indication where and what corrections should be brought by author). Manuscripts are not allowed to publishing if they: have shortage of information in accordance with common structure of scientific article; lack of statistical processing of experimental data; insufficient reasoning of conclusions; published earlier; disturbing someone copyrights or common norms of scientific ethics. The peer review should be finished by accurate conclusions ("recommend to publication", "must be re-write", "consider publication inexpedient"). The signature of the reviewer is assured by the press of the organization where he works, and date is pointed out. Reviewer send scan-copy of the peer review to the responsible secretary of the Journal (
10. Recommended terms of review writing is at least 14 working days.
11. Reviewing is carried out on public principles.
12. Manuscripts could be directed for repeated peer-reviewing by decision of editor-in-chief (deputy editor-in-chief) at insufficient level of expertise conclusion, discuss character of materials, getting of negative reviews and other important reasons.
13. Responsible secretary of editorial board informs manuscript's author about results of peer-reviewing by the way of sending a copy of review text and, if necessary, manuscript for finishing article according to remarks of the reviewer.
14. If author get review with recommendation to finish manuscript he must move amendments into text within two weeks according to reviewer's remarks or refutes them with reasons. In a case of un-returning of manuscripts to editorial board after this term or necessity of more than two completions the initial date of its registration is cancelled and day of reception of a definitive variant of article is considered as receipt date. Articles modified (processed) by the author repeatedly go on peer reviewing to member of Editorial Board responsible for thematic section. Member of Editorial Board has the right to write his own criticism if his opinion will differ from reviewer's opinion and repots it to editorial Board.
15. At getting of two negative reviews on manuscript responsible secretary of editorial board directs a copy of the reviews to author with the reason refutation signed by editor-in-chief (deputy editor-in-chief).
16. At the positive review that recommends manuscript for publishing it is signed by member of Editorial Board responsible for thematic section and is transferred to the editor-in-chief (or the deputy editor) for the statement.
17. Editorial board obligatorily renders reviews not only to authors of manuscripts, but also by inquiries of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and/or the Higher certifying commission at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Order of publishing of manuscripts
18. Final decision on manuscript's publishing is done by editor-in-chief (deputy editor-in-chief), in difficult cases – after consulting with Editorial Boadr.
19. Responsible secretary of Editorial Board informs authors about term of publishing after decision on publication.
20. The order of the publication is established by date of the manuscript's statement.
Next articles are published out of turn:
- Articles recognized by editorial board as priority and highly important;
- Articles of official peer reviewers of the Journal on representation of editorial board (no more than two per year);
- Articles demanding the prompt publication for the reasons, infringing on interests of authors and recognized by editorial board as worthy (if process of preparation of the manuscript does not demand essential completion by authors).
21. The manuscript confirmed to the publication goes to the technical editor. The small corrections of stylistic, nomenclature or formal character which are not influencing the maintenance of article are brought by the technical editor without coordination with the author. Edited manuscripts come back to the author for approval if necessary.
22. After signing of manuscript for publishing at commercial base Editorial Board directs necessary forms of payment documents to address of person or legal entity. Manuscript pass to publishing only after invoice payment for services on manuscript's publishing and incoming of copy of payment document (or information on subscription for periodical) to Editorial Board. Articles of postgraduate of full-time education are published free of charge if they have not co-authors.
23. Runner number of the Journal is signed for publishing and release by editor-in-chief.
24. All incoming manuscripts are stored (with peer reviews) in Editorial Archive during five years from date of registration. Manuscripts do not come back to authors.