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The author's resume


The author's resume carries out function of help tool (for library, abstract service), allowing reader to understand whether it is necessary or not to read the full text.

The author's resume is a short exact statement of the maintenance of the document, including the basic actual data and conclusions of described work. The text of the author's resume should be laconic and beads, is free from the minor information, to differ persuasiveness of formulations.

The volume of the author's resume should include a minimum of 200-250 words.

The author's resume includes following aspects of the maintenance of article:
- A subject, a theme, the work purpose (are specified in the case if they are not clear from article title);
- A method or methodology of carrying out of work (it is expedient to describe in the case when they differ by novelty or are of interest from the point of view of the given work);
- Results of work (describe extremely precisely and informatively. The basic theoretical and experimental results, the actual data, the found out interrelations and laws are resulted. The preference to new results and the data of long-term value, the important findings, conclusions which deny existing theories, and also to the data which, according to the author, have practical value) is thus given;
- A scope of results;
- Conclusions (can be accompanied by recommendations, estimations, offers, the hypotheses described in article).

The data containing in the title of article, should not repeat in the abstract text.

In the abstract text in English it is necessary to apply terminology, characteristic to foreign special texts. It is necessary to avoid the use of the terms which are a direct calque of Russian-speaking terms. It is necessary to observe unity of terminology within the abstract.

Citation to publication number in the references do not become in the abstract.

The volume of the text of the abstract within the limits of general provisions is defined by the document maintenance (volume of data, their scientific value and/or practical value).